January 25, 2009

Cheap Girl Blogging...A Banner Day

Maybe one day, we'll go "big time" and have a banner
that isn't handmade, but I kind of like putting together
my own collage-y banner with ever changing themes.
Sure it's a bit "home spun" but hey, I'm cheap
and since this is just a hobby, spending $$ on it
seems unwise.

You guys have tolerated our free backgrounds and
banners for this long, so you must not mind them
too much! :) (And THANKX for that!!!)

I'm not going to lie...I'd rather have a box of
candy, but a box full of pretty shells would be
nice to!!!

One of these months, we just may shock you and
you will come to visit and find such a perfectly poshly
made-over blog...you'll be wondering if you came
to the right place! But until then, when you see our
banner full of bits & bobs you'll know you're back
at the OC Cottage! :)


  1. Soo Gorgeous! I love your Blog, your Very Talented, you did a Great Job on the Banner!!!!!

  2. OH, I'm loving these gorgeous goodies! So pink and glittery and beautiful! :)

  3. I think you have absolutely fabulous ideas! Love that banner so much! Someday I hope to have my crafty gene turn itself on. Thanks so much for always sharing such beautiful things. xxoo

  4. I love your banner! It is so creative and beautiful. I normally don't decorate for Valentine's Day but I just may after seeing this creation!


  5. I love your banner! Why spend money on it when it can look so great homemade??? I love it! Keep it up!

  6. I hope your blog doesn't change, I love visiting and getting new, fun, creative ideas for my home. This banner is the perfect example. ADORABLE!!!!

  7. Love your pinks, especially the starfish! Happy PS!
    Sheri~~Prim Rose Hill

  8. I always love your banners!
    This one is no exception! I like seeing your creativity :)

  9. OH please don't ever change your banner style! That is what made me stop and read your blog the very first time! I love seeing all of the images up there! I think that your blog always looks great!

  10. Hey I love you banners, I only wish I could make them like you do. I tired once and ewwww I gave up...lol
    Home made is the best.. Keep up the good work...


  11. I love your banner! I can never justify spending money on blog designs either--I have to much fun playing with photoshop!

  12. Lovely Lovely creation! This is so stunning. Keep up the good work! Daisy~

  13. I love all the stuff you shared in your post.. happy belated pink saturday!

  14. Just catching up with you, whew!!!

    I like the homemade banners.
    Enjoyed your xmas decor. Loved those button/beaded trees!!

    Great pic of kitty in the etched mirror..hehe..

    Always such pretty, glittery goodness to see here. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. The Glitter Queen strikes again...with her beautiful creations! I just love all these pink and glittered treasures!

  16. I love your collage banner! It's perfectly lovely!

  17. Looks wonderful to me, very clever! Rachaelxo

  18. Hon- it's poshly made over already! You have such an eye for design and photography! It's a joy to behold!

    ~ ♥ ♥ ~

  19. I think it is VERY pretty! I totally refuse to spend money on stuff I can do myself. I do all my stuff on Photoshop, but this is a GREAT idea too! I could never pull it off with my crappy camera! :o)

  20. Your banner is beautiful! Collages rock!

  21. don't change a thing......I like your homespun! I wouldn't have known it if you didn't tell me, I had no idea you made that yourself! Clever girl!

  22. There are so many free backgrounds you never have to worry about it being too expensive. So go ahead and surprise us someday.

    Your headers just show your personality.


  23. I think your banner is just beautiful and also everything else you do is beautiful.Your a very talented lady,who i love to visit.Hugs Marie Antionette

  24. I love your banner! I think it's beautiful!!

  25. The banner is beautiful...I always look forward to seeing what you come up with...it's always such a treat!
    I love doilies too....I cannot even imagine my rooms without them..... Oh no way... could I imagine my rooms without them...he hee.
    Hope you have a wonderful day....glad you all got some rain.

  26. Are you kidding me...... I adore your banner....it is just so...... M..... glitter and pink.... just full of beauty....
    Wonderful and just perfect for An OC Cottage

  27. Well I just love it all! It appeals to my inner pink!

  28. Love your blog. Love your banner too.

  29. I like your blog headers! They are always creative!


  30. where do you get your shells that look like wings?


love to hear from you! ;}