December 10, 2008

A Simple Little Something...

Even on terra cotta, I can't resist GLITTER...
I am helpless in it clutches.

And when I saw the little dish full of glitter...oh!
(the original creator used one of those little
terra cotta drainy dishes, but I didn't have

And she filled the pot with pebbles to hold
the votive candle...

Now, I am not a terra cotta girl, but as soon as I
saw this idea, I knew just how I would do a little
switch-a-roo to make it more, well, me :)
Such a cute & simple idea...
but I just had to kick it up a notch...

I gave it a pink & white makeover!

No pebbles...shells & marbles...
(I know my candles are uncharacteristically
dark...but I buy them for the smell, not
color, and, to be honest, the light colored
ones usually make me gag... ;o )

I even tried it on an up-side-down candle stick
to make it a bit fancier.

Ohhhhhhhhhh my glitter....
like a moth to a flame...
like chocolate sauce to ice cream...
like cellulite to thighs...
like Edward to Bella...
I am drawn to it shiny, hypnotising luster.
Sick! Sick! Sick!

I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name
of the blog where I saw this cute little idea
(if it was you, please let me know and I will link


  1. I like your take on it!
    Cute cute, makes me want a beach house!
    I could decorate the heck out of one!
    Dream dream!

  2. P.S. All this glitter gave me an idea the other day. I have some older but cute Christmas things that I think I will give a make over with paint and glitter.
    Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Glitter is so much fun. I love your touches to the terra cotta pot to make it your own style! Super cute.

  4. Fabulously Sparkly idea!!

    Victoria xx

  5. Everything is so much better with a dash of glitter :)
    Darling idea!

  6. Great it....glitter is meant to make us happy. And it is not as fattening as chocolate but very fulfilling!

  7. I don't think you're sick at all, I love glitter too! That's one sweet looking little pot and I adore seashells with everything. Thanks for the tip. xxoo

  8. that looks great! love your creativity!

  9. Love your glitter on the pots, also love your scrolly metal container with the pink glass Christmas balls in it! YUMMY looking...

    You inspired me to go order 3 pounds of german glass glitter, silver, pink and red! Can't wait to craft something up for Valentines day, my favorite month of love.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
    Donna Lynn

  10. You are the Queen of glitter.... and I love every sparkle...

  11. I'm years late here, but I love the glittered planter pot! Just included it in a round-up of terra cotta planter pot makeovers :)

    Charlie @ Match Made On Hudson

  12. I'm years late here too, but still trying to find out the source for the silver glitter LOL


love to hear from you! ;}