December 17, 2008

Shiny Bright!!

I don't put up a tree...since I have small, playful
& NAUGHTY little lions roaming I make
due with lots & lots of shiny ornaments...everywhere!

Heavy on the PINK...goes without saying :)

I actually started collecting these to make one of
those wreaths...I just never could bring myself to
put glue all over these gorgeous things!

I have room in my heart for the newer ornaments long as they fit the color scheme.... :)

The Ruby Flash dishes come out at Christmas too!

Just a few little ones...all over...makes everything
so Christmasy!!!!


  1. The pink ornaments look especially festive in the white dishes and in your lovely china cup! How could you help but be cheerful in such jolly surroundings?!

  2. Gorgeous ornaments! Love how you have them displayed! :-) Susan

  3. SWEET! I love it all. I have a little kitten too, so am thinking about my tree wether to put it up or not. Have not decided yet, lol.
    I DO have many PINKIES in my living room and will add more, whatever happens with the tree.

    Hugs from Marian

  4. What a great idea! No tree at our home this year due to being in the hospital, but I think I will go and make a few little pieces of decor like yours to give to the people on the 12th floor of the hospital (cancer patients)>.. thanks

  5. Such pretties!!!! Lovely blog!

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Love it all! I got to get home to my parents and rescue our old ornaments from the 60s sometime.
    Enjoy, so festive at your place!

  7. So, so, very pretty M! I want that pink bauble in the tea cup though - it's beautiful!

  8. Hi M :)

    I need some pretty ornaments like that to put everywhere!

    I love love love your banner :)

    Merry Christmas,

  9. Oh my gosh you have the best ornaments! Who needs a tree when you have them displayed like you do! Love it! :o) that was a treat to see.

  10. Your ornaments and all your other decorations are fabulous! I understand about the tree...we have three naughty felines residing at our house! So far there have only been ornaments being batted around on the floor but no casualties yet! May you be blessed with a wonderful Christmas!
    Victoria Lynn

  11. These are lovely ornament photos! You have such a creative eye! :)

  12. Hi, Just wanted to say that I love your blog, lots of pink glittery inspiration! You have to check out EDDIE ROSS blog for a great idea for making the vintage ornament wreaths using a coathanger, its awesome!

  13. Ooh, I love them all. So gorgeous and shiny!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  14. Oh yes, so much pink but very beautiful! And your China looks so pretty! Do you mean little kittens when you write little lions :0)? We have 4 Cats and they have learn to live with a christmas tree, mostly they let the tree "alive" but sometimes our tomcat likes to play with the tree decorations...
    greetings, Mira!

  15. I just love how you display your ornaments. You are so creative!

  16. Very beautiful. I love all of the pink and silver.

  17. Oh everything is so very lovely! All the pink is enchanting- like I was walking through a fairy tale. Browsed about 12 of your blogs and I just must come back for a longer visit after I have my baking done!!


  18. Ohhh they are all so pretty but I think the pink is my favorite!

  19. What pretty ornaments you have! I love the older vintage ornaments but I just love most christmas ornaments in general. Very nice how you have them displayed too.


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