December 16, 2008

Mantel Scape Tuesday....Just Kidding!

So, I FINALLY got my mantel idea completed....
and what banner could be more appropriate????
(I am working on many more....ideas! ideas! ideas!)

What other kind of Christmas is there?????
(Oh, & sunny...but out here in LA-LA LAND
we are very good at pretending!! Shouldn't complain
since all of you Down Under actually have to have
Christmas during the summer!! )

There was just no way I could leave CHINTZ or
GLITTERY SHELLS out of my theme!!!

I added in all my "vintage-y" cottages....

And this ornament garland was an "other centered" gift
from Kae (other centered is our little joke for "there was only
two of them, so I couldn't get one for myself! Dang it!)

Still working on more.............. :)


  1. me still my heart,I love the cup displays!!

  2. It's beautiful! You always have the most lovely photographs! I love the way that your picture is displayed being tilted.

  3. What a dreamy mantelscape - I love it.

  4. Everything is adorable. I love pink.

  5. How pretty! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing such great photos.

  6. You are so creative!
    What a wonderful idea to use teacups in the Christmas decor. You have a very beautiful Christmas mantle.

  7. Love your mantlescape! Almost as much as I love the title! Very cute!

  8. OH so pretty....a white Christmas would be wonderful, we have white sand and white clouds and white summery dresses but nothing as beautiful as your mantley White Christmas!! Love your decorations! We went Merry and Bright this year and it is sort of fun, but I do lust after White and Vintage!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  9. Very pretty! When I move to the beach, I'm doing a "beachy" Christmas tree. I hope we get to move in 2009.

  10. oh, I love love all the pink and white so pretty..hugs, L

  11. LOVE IT!! So pretty! My house is much more on the dark end of the color spectrum!!

  12. Love every inch of your mantel. I need glitter!! :o)

  13. Oh wow I need a mantle that looks just like yours!!!
    How darn gorgeous and festive is that!!

  14. Will you come decorate my house? I want it to be as whimsical and sweet as yours!

  15. Beautiful M. We never have a White Christmas in the Deep South either.

  16. Oh my goodness! I think the garland and the pink balls on the mantle are my favorites. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. You've done a great job! xxoo


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