December 25, 2008

Holiday This & That....

Hope that every one's Christmas was
Merry & Bright!!!!

I'm sure that no one is taking time for
blogs today...but just in are a
few little pics I snapped of holiday fun
around my home.


  1. I always have time for "pink"
    Merry Christmas.

  2. From my blog, to yours,
    Merry Christmas.
    I am just taking a break while dinner is cooking.
    I love the pink ornaments. :)

  3. It's all pretty, but my faves are the jars with the pink ornaments! Merry Christmas!

  4. Perfectly pink in every way, Merry Christmas!!! We are at the other end of Christmas on Boxing Day afternoon when the sleepy calm hits and we get to go and visit our blog friends. Love your photos and I have only just noticed your button trees in your banner, love those, I attempted one a few years ago but somehow didn't look as spectacular as that, maybe I needed two, or maybe I needed to stop leaving the pins around for small fingers to get into, something like that. Hope your day was scrumptious, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  5. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful and Merry Christmas M.


  6. Very Pretty! I hope you had a fabulous pink Christmas!
    Hugs, Susan

  7. What a sweet post. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. xo Lidy


love to hear from you! ;}