December 1, 2008


FINALLY! I found them!
I knew I had a bunch of old glass
bulbs...but where, was the question???
DUH, doofusina! Right in front of your
eyes!!!(If they had been an alligator...
well, you know the rest!)

So, I got busy!!!!
To give new life to a nasty vintage ornament, simply:
run hot water over the outside of the ornament
***place tape or your finger over the opening!
DO NOT get water inside the bulb!!! that's where all the
gorgeous silvery mercury color lives!***
a little scrubby scrubby to get that stubborn color off...ok,
sometimes I had to use a butter knife too! ;} Some take
30 seconds, some take a few minutes...but the result is

The Mother load of Shiny Vintage
Mercury Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to keep a few pink ones...
I HAD to!

Just the way Santa likes them!!!!!!!!!

Tres Fabu!!!!


Part II

OK, so whist I was making Merry
and getting all festive, up to my
armpits in ornaments, I had to have
"mood" music....Christmas mood music.
And for's PEGGY LEE!

Gracious...looks like Peggy went a bit outside
the natural lip line there...but I still love her.

This is one of those things where your parents
brainwash you with a know, like
the Tijuana our case they had a friend
who worked at Capitol, we knew
everyone on that label...can you say Al Martino...
what? you all don't know "Blue Spanish Eyes"?
Ray Coniff....Tennessee Ernie Ford...if they recorded
on Capitol...we know it!

But back to Peg...apparently this record was from
1960...before our time...but we have kept Peg
alive in our hearts...and even brainwashed the
next generation...ahhhhh traditions! This is the
best Christmas album ever!!!! It's very 60's and
some of the song make you feel like you should
be drinking a martini...Peg was kinda wild!

But look how cute she was here! 1949 singing
the Toys for Tots song...this was a few years before
all the martinis!

Well, anyway, there in no Christmas in the OC without
Peggy Lee!!! (and the Christmas shark...but that's for
another post!)

BLOG???? :)


  1. Love the ornaments and Peggy Lee!

  2. took me forever to figure it out, but finally I went to a blog that someone had music and it took me to a site where I created my own. You can go to mine and find my music somewhere... probably at the bottom and click on it and it will take you to a site to set up the music you want. Good luck! Love your blog!

  3. What a lovely display of your old glass Christmas globe ornies! Love the way you photographed them through the lacy wiry....whatever it was! LOL!

  4. Music, I look up the song I want ( I think it is ineem site, you have to sign up for their service but can make play lists etc.) and add in the link details to a new Gadget, the one that says HTML info.
    Hard giving directions via this, does that make sense? Good Luck, took me 2 hours one night to figure it out, duh. But I felt proud that I did it.

    Loving your old ornaments! Hmmmm, I wonder where ours are from when I was a kid. I need to go rescue some old goodies from some boxes at my parents house one day.

  5. How to add musc:

    Go to

    You can add your own music and have a player on your blog!
    Come check out mine, I have it on top. You can choose to have it play automatically or have readers push a button and then it plays.

    Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

  6. Love the mercury ornaments! I gave my antique stringed beads to my sister in Oklahoma. Ah, who doesn't remember Peggy Lee? Love her too. I don't, however, know how to add the music but I wouldn't be able to put it on my blog anyway. Not enough power as my connection comes from my landlord who lets me piggy back on his wireless. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  7. Eeek those baubles are GORGEOUS !
    I have some pretty blue ones that im hoping will survive that cats!
    And hey guess what? i like Peggy Lee too!Even with the tragic lipstick (hee hee).

    Shann :)

  8. Gorgeous ornaments!

    I used this site for creating a music playlist:

  9. I have to have Snoopy and the Red Baron before it feels like Christmas!!

  10. Love all your sparkles..... looks like you got the hang of de-color the mercury balls.... they are wonderful... ahhh yes the Tijuana Brass music was played at our football games at Bolsa in Garden Grove.... such fun times..

  11. Love the ornaments, they cleaned up great the pink are wonderful


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