December 31, 2008

All Her Wreathly Goods...and Treasures!

Kae does enjoy a Christmas wreath...or two...
or three!!!

Can you tell we were a little in LOVE with the
vintage-y glittery words that everyone was selling
this years!!!

And this is a glimpse of Kae's Christmas jewelry
box...magical! (when we were little, we would have
to sneak to look at her jewelry box...make sure that
it was in the exact right dust outline on the mirrored
tray...or we were in big FAT trouble...but we did it! :)


  1. You never fail to please my eye with the sparklies. :)

    Happy and prosperous New Year to you! xxoo

  2. I have enjoyed your blog posts and comments on my blog throughout 2008 and look forward to many more in 2009! Happy New Year!!!


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