November 12, 2008

Wall To Wall Fall.....

Welcome, once again, to my sister Kae's home.
Yes, we have been here before, but now
she has it all decorated for Thanksgiving
...and when she decorates...she decorates!
So, let's get started!

Let's go around to the side so we can see her new

And so it that gazebo!!!!!
Let's get a closer look!

Very nice! It's going to be darling when it's all finished!
Those new urns were supposed to be planted ...but the
church fashion show and helping theirs friends install
new pavers came first...oh well, we'll just have to
come back!

On to the family room....

and everywhere she can put something
Fall-ilicious...she does!

Atop the desk.....

over every window....
(sorry, best I could do with the STRONG sunlight
from that window!)

more on the mantel....

on the chest....

even the table behind the couch....

that bird house sure looks naked tho.....

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's much better!

Autumnal candy, anyone???


Looks like some one is worried that we might
have another Boston Tea, they stocked
up! Note to self: no tea for her for Christmas!

But I digress...on to the living room.....

I kinda cropped the lid to the apothecary jar out
of the picture, so you can't really see that there is....

a single leaf in the lid too!

Again, waaay too much sun for my limited
camera skills!

Hmmmmmmmmmm...a new Mary Kay Crowley that I
haven't seen????? What else is she hiding???? (It's all
by the side of her bed...but if I showed you that...this would
be my last blog...if you know what I mean!)

The mantel has every detail covered...
glittery leaves...Kae's leaves must be glittery...
as are her candles....

and pumpkins!

She replaces everything in this hutch for each occasion...
Christmas, Valentines...every occasion!

More glittery leaves!

I always love this shot!

See! Fall...wall to wall!

Sorry, I think this may have been unbearably long...
but I didn't want to waste any pictures! :)

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  1. I loved seeing it all...what a beautiful home! I am so happy to see another Fall decor lover!!
    I so enjoyed the tour. Please tel your sweet friend how perfectly lovely I think it all is!


  2. Wow! "Fall-lilicious" is right! So beautifully well done and so festive! What wonderful friends you have!

  3. Wow, that is wonderful. What a beautiful house. I really like the idea of decorating for each season. I am not sure I could manage each holiday though. The fall colours look great with her white decor. I can only imagine how nice it looks at Christmas!

  4. Wow, that is wonderful. What a beautiful house. I really like the idea of decorating for each season. I am not sure I could manage each holiday though. The fall colours look great with her white decor. I can only imagine how nice it looks at Christmas!

  5. WOW! Thank you for taking me to Kae's house! She has quite the thanksgiving-o-rama going on at her house! That mirror shot is pretty cool!

  6. gorgeous pictures! i love all the furniture and decorations. wow!

  7. Such a beautiful tour! What fabulous fall decorating...and in every room. Amazing.....I especially loved the white birdhouse with the little autumn pumpkins. Very detailed! Amy :)

  8. Wow, that's a lot of Fall. I enjoyed seeing all her Fall decor. Even the little bird/house doll/house. Amazing.



  9. Great pictures and the decor is so beautiful. I love the mirror shot too!

  10. Loved every picture! She has lovely touches of fall all over! Thank her for allowing us to see her beautiful home.

  11. Beautiful!! I had to laugh! That is what my tea cabinet looks like but only because my favorite tea only comes out at Christmas. "Nutcracker Suite" by celestial season. The best tea ever so I buy any and all boxes I can find so I have it all year long!!

  12. So so pretty !! I love the white furniture, each piece is stunning!

  13. Wow, love the arbor and gazbo, and love the white, my grands, oh my would be a bad thing! I want a little one room cabin. Maybe I could use white then. Every thing was so lovely, The mirror shot is very very charming!

  14. I love that mirror and that white chest!

  15. Hey if you ask me I could have looked a lots more of your sisters home.. lol My she has done a beautiful job on all the Fall. Just the right amount not to much. Love it lots. Thanks for sharing them.


  16. What a beautiful home, I would be so comfortable there. It is so pretty. I like to decorate for the holidays, too, but I need to get all my "stuff" organized. I'm just making do for now. Thanks for sharing. I love it!

  17. What a wonderful home..I felt like I was looking through "romantic homes" magazine! Wow!
    -sandyt toes

  18. so beautiful. I want to live there!!! Great photots of a great home!

  19. Well she's been busy.

    The yard is big and looks inviting.

    Thanks for the tour.


  20. Kae's decor is stunning~ you two are certainly two peas in a pod!
    Loved the commentary, lol...
    The birdhouse was a hoot with the tiny pumpkins and such.

    I've been thinking of having glass cut for the tops of some of my furniture, but wondered how it was really going to look. Well hers looks wonderful, so I'm gonna go for it!!

  21. OMG!!!!! Sweetie the photo's in this post are GORGEOUS!! Ok, that's it, I'm coming over....when can I move in?? lol Heading back to look at the pics again and swoon some more.....
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  22. Your sister's home is very beautiful. I love everything about it. It should be in a magazine.

  23. Oh my gosh! I love all that white! Everything looks so amazing. So clean and comfortable.
    The decorations are wonderful.
    Just beautiful.


  24. She has such a lovely home. I just adore the fireplace and the painting above it.


  25. It's a beautiful house. Nice and pretty decor. Congratulations for your sister.


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