November 5, 2008

A Tutorial Fit For A Queen !

I have been asked many times, how to make my
"little" tiaras...

so I thought I give a "little" tutorial.

You start with a fresh batch of chenille/metallic stems.
You might need to tweak a few into oblivion before
you get it the way you like it.
bend it like so...(cat not included!)

make the main center loop whatever size you
wish (to make a larger tiara twist several stems

bend the ends upward to begin the smaller

bring the ends down and around to make the side loops...
Just tweak the stem to make the loops stay side-by-side.

Bring the ends around the back to form a circle....

and twist the ends together to secure.

And viola! A tiara! They literally take less than 1
minute to make, you can finish an entire package
in no time at all!!!
They can be used for a million fun little thing!
Napkin rings, package tie-ons, party favors, ornaments,
you name it!


  1. What a precious little tiara !! They should be everywhere they are so cute !

  2. Seriously, those Tiaras are too sweet! Thanks for the tut!

  3. Great little tut M. I'll be back on sunday for all the lovely details regarding the giveaway too! Kathryn. XX

  4. Oh this tiara is great! I have to make one for my friend who swears she was a princess in another life. :) Those plates are FABULOUS!

  5. Loved the tute for the pipe cleaner tiaras! The kitty is so cute in the background...just eyeing that tiara in the making!
    They are adorable. The design reminds me of the trefoil design in tatting. :)

  6. Now, how cute is that! The giveaway looks pretty wonderful!

  7. Cute little tiaras! I am going to make some to put on one of my Christmas trees!

    Can't wait to see the giveaway details!!

  8. I have two princesses here that would just love for me (or even them)to make a few (dozen) of those.
    I can't wait to see your giveaway. exciting.

  9. Ohhh I might have to make these for my son's preschool class of girls!! Any ideas on crowns?

  10. Oh so sweet, but I have to go, to Ebay!

  11. I love the tiara! SO cute! Thanks for sharing how to make it! Also, I'm so excited for your giveaway! I will be back for details for sure!

  12. Thank you for visiting me at my "new" home! =) Sweet tiaras you've made! Looks like kitty was about ready to jump up claim one! =)

  13. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to be making some of these for sure. So cute! I think they would be cute on a Christmas tree.


  14. Such a cute little tiara.Your directions make them sound easy enough for me to do.


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