November 27, 2008

Stars of Wonder...Sort of....

So, I saw these cute little wreathes in Ladies Home
Journal...they're just made of little paper stars..."how
hard can this be to make?", I asked myself.
Well, if there happens to be a special stupid spell in you
that particular can be very hard!

Tracing and cutting out 10 million little stars...not to mention
trying to make 3 different sized stars patterns...YEESH!
I am a talentless hack!( I think I heard that phrase on
TV once). Who knew that I could not...for the life of me...
draw a presentable star???!

I really did intend to make 3 wreathes...but the first one
was just so time consuming (since I lack a staff on minions
with Gingers!) I just made the one. ( I used vintage wall
paper, scrapping paper, copies of vintage wall paper
and vintage sheet music)

When it was finally done and all glitterfied (I
had to add that step! :) I had to admit that
it was kinda cute.

But I really cannot think of anyone that I
like enough to make one for!!! :)

So much for Christmas spirit, huh????!!
Bahhhhhhh humbug!


  1. I made a little scrapbook once...thought I would try this one that was in the shape of FAMILY. When I got done, I would make some for my girlfriends, that said FRIENDS. When I got done with mine, I decided that if I wanted them to still be friends, I better not even try! I mean how hard could it be.....AMAZINGLY HARD! I feel your pain!

  2. This is a beautiful wreath - I love the pink prints with the black/white sheet music & GLITTER! I agree that it's way too much trouble to give away. It will be lovely for you though. You are giving me decorating ideas!

  3. Nope. You're being to hard on yourself! It's gorgeous! Far from talentless hack! I think yours looks WAY better! I want for myself now.

  4. What do you mean? I think it's wonderful! It gives it more character if the stars aren't perfect. You did a really good job. I also like the papers that you used. Thanks for sharing this. xxoo

  5. I love it. It's really elegant.

  6. They DO look like a time consuming project, but ADORABLE! You'll be glad you made them!

  7. you should make me one! haha I love it! looks great...haha

  8. Well Happy Thanksgiving and lets get this Christmas Party started....


  9. Hi M, this turned out wonderful and the glitter....can't live without it! I know what you mean about spending sooooo much time on something you don't want to give it away! It did turn out great though...keep it...just keep it!

  10. Well I think it turned out so cute...I especially love the music paper. I know exactly what you mean though when something looks so simple, but just takes forever!!

  11. I love the wreath...but I know me...I'd be like you. Cutting out all those stars would not make me feel joyous! But it's really cute!

  12. I love this idea. I was lucky enough to get a cricut last year for Xmas, so maybe I could have that do the star cutting....hmmm how many stars did you end up needing?


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