November 17, 2008


What did you do this weekend?

We watched this happen.....
and I have never been so happy to see
a weekend end!!!!!!!!

And during those days I spent clenching
everything on me that can possible clench...
I found beauty in things that I ordinarily
take for granted!
And as shocking as it may seem...not one of
them is pink or glittery.

These are my favorite things!

This is the most beautiful sight I have ever
As weird as it is to see a jet liner flying as
low as a helicopter, this DC 10 saved many
homes this weekend!

Phos-chek red just might be my new favorite

And watching 4 of these round robin over
the canyon Sunday morning...a dream come

With each one of these pilots!!!!!!!
And also with...


and them...

and them...

and them...

and them...

and them...

and him...

and him too!

Words cannot express...but people still
tried to!

What can I say....

This teddy survived...the owner's mother had
clutched it during the Blitz in WWII....

Yorba...not so Linda....

The strong case against palm trees!

Long may she wave 'or the smoldering OC.

What's most important in the end.

Our homes smell like ashtrays, (and are
covered in ash) but we are still here,


  1. Oh my that your deck that's scorched? I'm so glad you are safe & your house survived! Those firemen are awesome, huh???

  2. What a lovely post of appreciation. So glad you are safe.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! How unbelievably scary and even more scary!! Those pictures are wonderful and there must be a special place in heaven for those fantastic firefighteers...when they get there, not now of course, what I meant was they will have first class reservations when it is their time. So glad you are safe and I think they are wonderful things to be called favourites, even with out glitter!!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  4. You are safe....that is all that is important in the end...
    Gotta love fire fighters. Bless them all. Bless all those who have lost homes and treasured possessions. Bless all who have suffered even worse loss...

    I am SO happy to check ain and see you are well. Hugs and love to you.


  5. Oh my gosh... what a horrible experience!
    Thank God you are ok and didn't lose your home!
    My heart goes out to all of you and to the wonderful firemen!

    Hugz, Dolly

  6. Wow... I'm speechless... Those are amazing photos...

  7. great pictures! what a great job they did.

  8. Wow.. what an amazing post.. the things in life that mean the most...LIFE...Thank God you & your family are safe. I was just there a few weeks ago...
    xooxxo Laura

  9. Hello from Sweden!
    Thank you for visiting my blog...there is a google translation on my blog, on the left side.
    Next time you visit me you can us that so you know what i´am writing about.
    It was really powerfull pictures...we have so cold weather
    in Sweden right now so nothing could get on fire, brrr...
    I will be back!
    Anette in Sweden

  10. Oh my, that doesn't even look real, it looks like scenes from a movie. How awful to be in the middle of it. Take care!!!!!!

  11. How horrible... indeed, is usually in time of trouble when we human tend to see and appreciate life for what it really means…. and our sincere THANKS to all the firefighters and volunteer firefighters who expose their lives in order to save others... I'm thankful you're safe...



  12. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful tribute to all those heroes who put their lives on the line... I can't even imagine what you all are going through... Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers... Donna

  13. Your post is such a great tribute to all those people who worked so hard to save So. Calif. I live in Riverside so we were very fortunate to be out of danger.

  14. Oh, those are lovely things and thank heavens for our courageous firemen who save so many homes and work their hardest!
    I am glad you are okay.

  15. A very very compelling and beautiful post. Stay safe!!

  16. Thank God indeed. Excellent tribute to all the rescue workers and firemen.

  17. How horrible...thank God you're allright! So much devastation!

  18. It's so sad that so many people lost their homes! I'm glad to hear you are all okay! That photo of the teddy bear sort of choked me up a little!

  19. I'm very happy you are safe and your home too. I could not imagine the devastation people are feeling right now. The pictures were amazing and gripping. Except the one of the birdbath. I could not figure it out at first. I had to enlarge it and then it gave me a chuckle. (for one second). Yes those fighters are heros.

  20. Did you have any damage?? Or are you okay??

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing Hank and his psuedo mother. These pictures are incredible. I lived in Long Beach for 20 months until June of 07 and have seen California fires. Very scary. Come back anytime. I love meeting new people.

  22. Oh my gawd....I heard about the fires but didn't realize you were in the midst of it and that close! I'm so glad you are safe and I pray for those who lost their belongings/homes, etc. :( What powerful pictures you posted! I'm glad you are safe. :)

  23. I didn't realize the fires were in our beloved OC.... Yorba Linda..... oh my .... I use to work there..... my heart goes out to you and all of the fire victims..... gosh .... that is so scary...glad your cottage is safe...
    Big HUgs

  24. Your pictures are really sobering. Our prayers are with you all!

  25. God Lord your photos are amazing and scary. Thank God you are ok.
    My heart just breaks for all those who lost it all. But Life is the most important thing. Will be thinking of all of you folks down there!! Stay safe!

  26. OH MY GOSH...i hate to say it..BUT those photos were conveying the TOTAL HORROR of the situation...not the event of course..

    Thank goodness for your firefighters...and that your house survived..
    I am in melbourne victoria australia..and our state is ranked on the same level as california re fires..
    we have thousands of volunteeer firefighters (the biggest in the world)..and we are relying on them this summer to protect our state which is as dry as a CHIP!! no rain!!
    take care..wonderful post & thanks for sharing it with us all..

    xx andrea

  27. OMG! I didn't know you were out in Yorba Linda. For some reason I thought you were closer to me.

    How scary that your place is so close to the fires. I'm over by So. Coast Plaza and we have been very lucky to only have a faint smell of fires now and then.

    I was in Long Beach the other day and the smoke was so thick there from the fires in LA. It was hard to breathe and my eyes burned.

    I can't believe how close you were. Scary. Glad to hear you are safe though.


  28. What an amazing tribute to the firefighters, ambulance personnel etc etc!
    Many hugs to you and I saw the bear on tv, even here in the Netherlands! tv ! The man that saved it told about it belonging to his mom in the WWII and now to him, Such sweet memories and I was so happy for him to still have the little bear. Bears can be so important in times of crisis, even to a grown man!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, and YES I have read ALL R.P. Evans books, YAY!!

    Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

  29. You just told an amazing story with your pictures...but I have heard it to often lately...working in the job I have so many of our flight attendants live in and around the area...the last fire and this one was we had to many heart breaking stories....Bottom line I'm glad you are "SAFE"....
    A Big Hug,
    Mo :-)

  30. This is a beautiful post. It is so scary to think of what could have been, but you are there with your gratitude and appreciation for those who make our lives safe. Thank you for posting your "new" favorite things!

  31. Oh my goodness, amazing photos! I'm glad you are okay...I can't imagine how scary that must be. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Cute blog!

  32. Wow! What an amazing post!! thank you so much for sharing....It spoke volumns:) Debra

  33. What an amazing photo display of humble thanks.

    I've been away from Cali, for the last decade of big fires.

    My mother is still in San Diego, and I have friends in OC, but I had no idea this was going on, again, so recently. I feel so disconnected from reality, sometimes.

    Thank you for coming over to play, in my sandbox...

    I'm so thankful that you are all right.

  34. Oh's so wonderful that you can find the blessings in this tragedy. The firefighters are amazing and it's great that you gave them props. I lived through Ike recently but that least WE had a bit more warning...those fires are scary and come up SO fast! I'm glad you are alive, well and grateful. Have a blessed day!

  35. Those pictures bring up so many different emotions, it's hard to put my finger on just one. Thankfully, you and yours are ok.

    Firemen are the best! <3

  36. oh we were in the huge fire in san diego last year. sucked so bad. I was about 8 month preg and having a heart attack cause i was just thinking if I have him early where will we go if the house burns down. The fire cam about 5 feet from our house but no damage except the smoke smell

  37. Your pictures are amazing! How scary it all looks. Those firefighters are real heroes!

  38. Thank God you are safe and had no damage to your home. I can't imagine what that must be like. Fireman are awesome people and they will all get their rewards in heaven. The risks that they take for their fellow man is just beyond our understanding. A great big thanks to all of them. Awesome pictures and commentary from you. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Wow !! Those are amazing amazing pictures ~ I am glad that you are safe and sound ~ How scary !!

  40. Wow! I'm so sorry y'all had to go through that...what a miserable weekend! I'm glad you're safe and hope your friends and family are alright too!

  41. No one should have to go thru that kind of terror! Thank God for our Fireman.... They are true Heros!!! :-)

  42. It is amazing that in times of trouble the REAL things in our lives become so clear. When we made it through Hurricane Gustav this year, my perspective changed about what is really important. And I agree that it is warms your heart to see the GOOD that is brought out in neighbors and friends alike when times call for "pulling together."

  43. Wildfire season makes me not miss SoCal. Hurricane season makes me miss it though. Good luck with the rest of the season!

  44. Wow. I didn't know you were that close. Glad you are safe now. Those pictures are unbelievable - they remind us all, once again, how awesome our firemen are!


  45. I stopped by to Thank You for your comments and Oh My Gosh! Unbelievable!! The picture of the lil girl holding the word "life".. You are so correct.. that IS whats most important.


  46. I can't even imagine how horrifying that must not only worry about your own home...but watch neighbors and friends lose theirs. And look at how dedicated those brave firemen are. They risk their own lives to help doesn't get any better than those amazing men and women! I'm sure glad your home was saved.

  47. Oh my goodness...I could not even imagine...glad you are okay...I wish everyone there all the best!

  48. I know this is a very old post, but I was just looking through your blog that I came across through Tip Junkie, and I too live in Yorba Linda, but a little south of all the homes that were on fire that very scary AWFUL weekend, and like you said NEVER have I ever been so happy to see a weekend end!!! And I too LOVE those firemen and woman!!! They did an AWESOME job!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say I love your blog, and it's nice to meet someone who lives so close! LOL

    Keep up the great blog!!



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