November 6, 2008

A Little Christmas Shopping...

I have been doing a little Christmas shopping...
and I picked up some cute ornaments!
But since "certain" people will be seeing this,
I can't reveal them in their entirety.

This are just gifts tags, so they can be seen.
I just love how detailed they are...and the backs
are like little postcards, stamp and all!

These will be getting a bit of a "remodel" before
the are given.

A bit of pink girliness...

A bit of vintage-y glitteriness...

And some sassy glass!

It's Christmas-time fun!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the fun bits of Christmas Snippets! The postcard tags are adorable!

  2. OHHH! I love your blog skin!! I am just now beginning to catch up after our cross country move, and boy, you really WENT for it -- it's outstanding!

    As are, of course, your finds. Your post card gifts tags are truly swell!

  3. Love those high heels!! SO cute!

  4. Those are sweet. I love Christmas. Everything about it :)
    Unfortunately I haven't been able to put up the usualy 8 foot tree with all my vintage ornaments last year and this year because of having 2 yr old twins.
    I know there is no way I could keep those little hands off!
    I found some creative ways last year to still have some of my ornaments displayed though.

  5. I am in love with those little houses and can't wait to see how cute you made them. I would love to have some but so far have not found any that fits my budget and I wouldn't have a clue how to pretty them up like you do.

    Who ever gets your little gifts are going to be thrilled!

    Those tags are darling. I've never seen any like them. So cute!


  6. Oh adorable ornaments! I especially love the high heeled shoes. They even have glitter on the heal! :)

  7. Love those glass shoes.... can I wear them???



  8. LOVE the high heels! Very fun looking!

  9. The postcard tags are so cute and I love the high heel ornaments!


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