November 30, 2008


I have been feeling really "tea-y" lately...
maybe because there's a chill in the air...
or maybe because I am obsessed with
teacups :)

Either way, I was commenting, to no one
in particular, (since the cats could care
less...) that the inside of most of my teacups
is muuuuuuuuuuuuch prettier than the
outside! (Kae insists that tea tastes better
from a teacup that is decorated inside as
well as out, although, as of yet, we have no
hard data to back this assertion).

So, I will just get out of the way and show
you the INSIDE a few pretty little
teacups today!!

And to the end....I have recently found the best
TEA blog!!!! Full of recipes...GREAT tea related
recipes... fun and very practical information for
hosting a tea and just ALL THINGS TEA!!!
Stop by @


  1. What absolutely beautiful cups & thanks for the link. Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful little tea cups! I also believe that drinks taste better from a fancy cup! I have my fave cups for coffee (most of which have some kind of little extra decor inside), then my dainty little cups for tea.

  3. Pretty! I do know tea tastes better from a lovely nice dainty teacup, lol.

  4. I love when the inside of teacups are decorated, so sweet.

  5. Those are the insides? So absolutely beautiful.

    I wish I could drink tea :(.

    I love it. I need to find one that is super gentle on my tummy, and doesn't kick in my AR.

    Maybe I could drink my soy milk out of pretty tea cups?!

    Thank you for sharing them.

  6. It's so.. true. I could swear I have that 1st teacup. Is it for the month of February???

  7. I am a tea cup lover too. I collect them when I find them at a great price. I love the detail in your beautiful cups, they are so pretty and sweet. What a great cup of tea on would have with one of those. I will have to show some of mine on the inside.... Thanks for sharing yours..

    have a great week


  8. Those are the INSIDE of your cups? Beautifully dainty and tea-ey! :)

  9. Haha!! Did you see my pink Saturday post last week a bout my flying pig tea cup?There is a little pink flying pig on the inside of the lip of the cup!! Love it!!

  10. Each and every one of those is so delightfully pretty inside!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. STUNNING tea cups! They remind me of my grandma's beautiful tea cups. She always had them on her buffet and I would always admire them and touch them. There was pink and white one that was gorgeous inside that was my favorite :) She and I would have tea in these cups and it was so special! THank you for bringing back a wonderful memory!


  12. Such lovely tea cups. You are so right about the inside being so pretty. I never thought of it that way before.
    I just had the best cup of very hot camomile, honey and vanilla tea. I was freezing and it hit the spot. Have a peaceful evening.

  13. You are right. They are lovely! Sad, I only own coffee mugs and the cups from our china set. I need some lovely, pretty tea cups!

  14. Thank you for the referral. I am glad you are enjoying the site. Lovely teacups. I collect them as well.

  15. M. I love the way that you shot these. Looking down with the beautiful saucer to make the teacup POP! Seriously, your creativity always inspires me.

    Love, Muffin


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