October 1, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star(fish)

I know you're saying, " Alright already
with the maritime sparkles!". But these
little guys just turned out so much
cuter than I had pictured in my head,
I wanted to show you!
I think it's because they are so TINY!
Now I am just thinking of all the things
I can attach them to! (Very possibly
frames...I really like how they look
**A few points of fact**
I had a lot of questions on my last
glitter post, so let me offer a few tid bits.
Yes, the glitter IS real glass...and it is sharp.
The "fine" glitter is easy to work with
and that's why I prefer it. The "coarse"
is REALLY sharp...really sharp. I have
found that I am just a bit too dorky to
be trusted with it! :)
Regarding the smell, Joanne Kennedy was
kind enough to tell me that bleach is a no-no
for starfish as it can dissolve them. You need
to clean out the spiney prickles on the under
side and that will help to tame their distinct
Glue?? I always use Tacky Glue mixed with
paint(to kill two birds with one stone) and
I thin it just a little with warm water.
I really press the glitter in to make sure
a lot of it adheres...I like them to be really

The medium sized ones and the babies
were A LOT of work since they have
pricklies all the way around them that
have to be scraped off with a sharp blade
and they have a very rough surface so
the paint really had to be worked in...
My eyes were crossing by the time I
finished, but I just love them...I'm
seeing them covering a tiny Christmas tree!
(And you'll be seeing that too! :)


  1. They are so cute!! they would look great on the frames. Kathyrn.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial...I really want to make some. I want to do a "beachy" themed Christmas tree. I've collecting ornaments all year.

  3. I LOVE these glittered star fish. I love shells of all types and have many decorating my bathroom and a few in my craft room. I am going to try to glitter some : ) I have always wanted a smaller tree completly done in sea shells. How pretty.

  4. Hey Sweet, I can see why you LOVE these, how SWEET are they & HEY I really want some! You are such a TALENTED LADY, Oh yeah!

    Have a great night Darlin'

    Lyn xoxoxox

  5. They look really gorgeous, but oh, what a labour of love - I wouldn't have the patience!
    Lucy x

  6. These are just darling!

    xo Cath

  7. I LOVE your maritime sparklies! You can show them off anytime as far as I'm concerned! Sparkly awayyyyy!!!

  8. They are sweet, and such a new idea!
    There is a giveaway on my blog from a ceramicist friend of mine, do drop in!

  9. How cute are your glittery starfish?? I love them. Thanks for the turorial. I hope your having a good week. Happy creating...gail

  10. Didn't you know? Glitter truly is girls best friend. Love those sparkly stars.


  11. Hey there; I love your star fish. They are just so sparkly and beautiful. It makes me want to go and find some and make them look sparkly.
    Have a great Friday, thanks for sharing.


  12. I just love how you sparkle up the star fish. You have so many, do you live near a beach? I bought and found ton at Cresent Beach in FL. My daughter has glued the shells to a mirror. The glass you use to create the sparkles, where can you purchase it? I am going to do a half bath, by the kitchen door for my husband to use, ( so he does not track the house up, we live in the country and no cement.) Anyways I want to do a beach theme for him, because he loves Destin, FL. Love to have some of your expert advice. I love my home to be unusal. I want to paint a picture and add shell to it. I have collected beach items for 4 years, now is the time to fix his room in the next few months.

  13. Thank you for the know how..it is very much appreciated and i will be ordering glue and glitter right away.
    I love that you sparkle everything its just dreamy and i love seeing your latest creations,don't stop you have fans lol.
    Love Kristina XxX


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