October 16, 2008

Sky Watch Friday...Seeing Stars

The other day my boss emailed me to say that
there was a pretty cool view of an awesome sky
that needed to have its picture taken (he knows
that I am a "Sky Watcher").

So, I was in there snapping away and afterwards
when I was looking through my shots, I noticed
something pretty cool...serendipity had "Photo
shopped" this picture by superimposing the reflection
of my bosses flag onto my shy shot!!!
Stars & Skies Forever!!

Get on over to
Sir Tom's Official Sky Watch Blog
to check
out all of this weeks celestial skies!


  1. Great pic. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Great digital work.

    Mine is posted here and here. Hope you could drop by, too! Happy weekends!

  3. Fantastic! That's so cool! And so's your boss! :D

    Happy Sky Watching!
    I posted a photo of a canoe Among bigger cousins for my entry.

  4. THat is a very neat shot. The sky is so nice, your boss was right...but the stars make a neat touch. Have a great weekend.

  5. love the star picture! Very cool!

  6. Those clouds have so much motion in them. It's a beautiful sky and so great you didn't have to miss it because you were working. I invite you to come see my sky views from the BC Ferry to Powell River. -- Margy

  7. Amazing and beautiful! Greetings from Iowa.

  8. awesome boss and awesome photo Love the stars and stripes in the photo!!!


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