October 9, 2008

Sky Watch Friday...Nothing But Blue Skies...

Most of you live in places where a blue sky...
a really blue sky...is a probably just old hat.
And even though I don't live in the real big
city where pollution is a huge issue, still seeing
a truly blue sky just really makes me happy.
So, the other morning as I walked in to work
I just had to whip out my camera(in my purse
at all times) and take pictures of this Photoshopped-
by-God beautiful sky!

Have a great weekend and stop over at

Sir Tom's Official Skywatch Blog

for more blue skies to die for!


  1. The sunlight shining on the clouds is very pretty. Happy SWF

  2. It looks like such a beautiful day - thanks for sharing :)

  3. Very nice.
    The first shot is just great!
    Beautiful. :)

  4. See? God is a Penn State fan! Otherwise why would the sky be blue and white? :)

  5. There is nothing like blue skies. Your photos are lovely.


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