October 13, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together...

I am going to have a party, so I have been
cleaning...which means I keep coming across
things to distract me and make me want to
do everything else BUT clean! :)
It really isn't too hard to distract me...any
little thing will do it...an episode of "Wings"
that I have seen 30 times...a kittie's
tummy that needs a snuggle...a magazine
I have looked at before...oh, yah...
that Styrofoam circle that I forgot I had...
I had this idea a long...maybe years ago...
just never got around to it. But, this day,
it was kismet, all the elements I needed
were actually at hand! So, like the trooper
that I am, I stopped that cleaning, cold!
And got to work on my crafty idea.

I wrapped the "wreath" in tulle ( a bit of "truth
in advertising" here; the cream tulle that is pictured
was wrested from me and absconded by something
small and hairy...and ended up bitten an tattered!
So, I had to go with the pink tulle.)

Then I added jewel....

After jewel...
After jewel....

Until I finally had it!

The tulle-y wreath of jewel-y goodness!

I think Santa will enjoy this when he comes
down the chimney!!!!!
(and, yes, the buckle on the right side
is too clunky and has been removed!)

And, the kind and OH SO TALENTED

has bestowed not one, but two awards on
the OC Cottage...and are we thrilled!

We sit over here sprinkling glitter while
she sews masterpieces!!!!

She really amazing!
Her ideas are too darling are her craftsmanship
is perfection!
Thx so much!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a beautiful wreath. . . jewels fit for a princess!



  2. Aagh, you are too kind! I was totally gob smacked when I saw your wreath - all those beautiful sparkly pretties!! it looks fit for the queen (of glitter that is!!!)

  3. That is the most awesome possum wreath ever. I realize the compliment doesn't quite fit the wreath, but there it is anyway! It's what I say when I think something is "super-duper" neato! See there I go again with the compliments that fall flat in comparison to what they are being bestowed upon...I'll stop here. I think you get the idea.

  4. Oh wow, i would love to hang that wreath anytime at my house, a wreath that gorgeous is for life not just for Christmas,lol! Soo much better than cleaning!
    Another sparkly job well done, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  5. I want your jewelry! I love sparkles!!You have some beautiful pieces!!

  6. That wreath is simply gorgeous!!!


  7. Gasp! I'm in love! That wreath is pure genius and sparkling fabulosity (is that a word? lol) I love vintage rhinestones and your collection is just wonderful. What a lovely way to display them!

  8. ohmygosh i had to put my sunglasses on for this one... I WAS DAZZLED ! LOL.
    once again sweetpea you amaze me with your ideas...oh and yes of course one does have to stop the cleaning when one gets the urge to create *giggle*

    ok now off you go and sprinkle some more glitter :)

    Luv Shann xo

  9. How pretty that is!! I'm not much of a wreath girl, but this is making me a convert! Great job. Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you again!

  10. Beautiful wreath.
    I love it!


  11. that's really cool!! and bling bling...

    ouw.. i can't see it... it's shining!!

  12. Well, now, that idea would have never occurred to me. And I love it!


  13. Now there's a wreath unlike any other I've ever seen! Breathtaking, truly. I wonder where you are going to put it?

  14. Ohhhhhhh my goodness!! I am sooooooooo making one of those!! Holy-moly, I'm in love! Fantastic job~ Cheryl

  15. My mouth is hanging wide open...... so simple.... so glorious...... my .... that is a lot of jewels and each one is breath taking.... you can always clean tomorrow...... but that is a master piece,,,

  16. Hi M :)

    That wreath is fabulous!! I love that idea :)


  17. Oh, I love that idea!!! What a pretty wreath, very clever.
    Now I will be keeping my eyes open for something else at garage sales and thrift stores :)

  18. Oh my lord - i would not be surprised if santa took that one home for Mrs Clause! It is stunning! Mel xx

  19. Kristina's jaw dropped and then she fainted!


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