October 27, 2008

A Birthday for Bee!

So, Bee had a birthday...and it was time for a party!

(Pretty pathetic that I have to be basically incommunicado
for a week just because I have to get ready to host a party...
did I mention before that I am a lazy slob???? I did! Well,
I wasn't lying! And just before everyone got there, my
furry devil pet decided to show me his dinner again...on the
carpet...no, pictures will be included!)

Fun was in the air and everywhere....

It wasn't just the cleaning that kept me so busy,
I was making lots of little tiaras...I wasn't sure
what they would end up as, but in the end, they
were napkin rings....

along with vintage doilies for place mats and
a vintage glove and to hold the gold ware.

I put tiaras of every size, all over the house!

And it wasn't long before our napkin rings
ended up here...(someone woke up with their
tiara still in their hair...but I won't name any
names! And her husband should be flogged
for not taking a picture!).

Guess who?

I made a pink glittery crown for each of us...
of course the birthday princess had much
more fooferie on hers!

I got the idea for these banners at work...
all tulle-y and pink.

Funny how the creative juices flow when you're
trapped at work...all my reports are covered with
cupcakes and dresses and holly and doodles...
A fabulous variety of "table treats" for all...

Especially this FUDGE!!!!!! If you are anywhere near
Whitter, CA(not Alaska...there's a Whitter, AK...who
knew??) you will kick yourself if you don't stop into
Village Sweets! YUM!!!! All the normal girls got one
of their variety of pumpkiny fall flavors....

but mine was 50/50!!!!! Yep, orange & vanilla,
oh man!

And a fabulous time was had by all!!!!!!!!!

This guy was beside himself...my kitchen/craft table has
never been free of projects piled 3 feet high, in his entire
life...and he is reveling in it! (Yes, he was severely scolded
after I took 20 pictures! I am sooooo lying! :)


  1. Wow! I am so jealous I wasn't invited! You did an amazing job decorating- you must have spent days (weeks?) preparing! I'm sure it was a blast!

  2. Oh I LOVE the banner idea! It looks like it would of been a fun time! :)

  3. It looks like a beautiful and fun party! I am giving you an award on my blog tomorrow. I hope you are having a great week so far.

  4. How cute is all that!?! Your Bday party for Bee looks like it was a lot of fun.

  5. What a beautiful table & all the foofiness is to die for! How sweet that the kitty likes the glove. The tiaras are a cool idea...especially as napkin rings. I have that "creamsicle fudge" recipe over on my blog, if you're interested.

  6. Wow! That was incredible! My birthday is in March and I want everything Bee had. Thank you!


  7. Good morning, Miss Lazy Slob! Hihi! I'm impressed! You did an amazing job decorating that table... I love the combination of light and dark pink napkins and those plates are to die for! Where did you get them? They're just lovely.... OK, now to this: Please let us see your face! :) I have this mental picture of you that is probably nothing close to the truth.... we don't even know your name other than it starts with an "M".... My goodness, eres una nena muy mala....!! :)

    Un abrazo, y que tengas un dia precioso...


  8. You sure don't seem lazy to me. Everything looks incredible and oh so beautiful!!! You did a great job and it looks like lots of fun!!

  9. Everything is so charming, you have quite the eye for whimsy!

  10. What a wonderful sister you are! And you set a great table! Love, love, love the tiara napkin rings & the glove/napkin holder...I'll be stealing both those ideas!

  11. Great post! I'm still laughing! Your party looks veeerrry fun!


  12. Looks like a wonderful party!
    nice that you went to so much trouble
    did you save me a slice of cake ?

    : )

  13. Love the party hats and little tiaras, looks like a lovely party. Good idea with the banner, it's given me an idea for a Christmas decoration - thanks!

  14. Happy birthday Bee!!!
    You made such beautiful tiaras. I love them!!!
    Great decoration!

  15. Oh that looked so pretty girl..I love how you used the old gloves for holding the silverware! Everything just looked so good...I bet it was a blast!

  16. How wonderful and gorgeous and pretty and pink!!!!! Can you come to my house for my next birthday!!! pleeeeease,hee Hee, Kathryn. XX

  17. What a fun blog you have. I am adding you to my bloglist, after all we're practicly neighbors...
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Cheryl from, cherylsfascinatingfinds

  18. That is a party I would love to have gone to!

  19. PINK PARTY FUN! Cute ideas and love your kitty! Thanks for stopping by to see my shabby white piano!

  20. You definately know how to throw a party M !! And Kitty knows how to throw up by the sounds of it...haha that cracked me...i have 5 cats remember..im not a stranger to this kinda stuff.LOL.
    Now the Tiaras are too too cute, the banner is soooo sweet and the fudge...YUMM i loooove fudge!

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Can you fly over here for my next birthday????

    i'll supply the fudge.

    Shann :)

  21. Oh boo! What a glorious day and I didn't attend. I am so glad it was a wonderful day and may it be a perfect year.

    Perhaps as a Christmas gift you can give a tiara tutorial? :)

  22. I found your sweet kitty! That was like a cat scavenger hunt:) I used the navibar and searched for the word furry:) What a cutie patootie!


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