September 16, 2008

Such Goodwill at the GOODWILL!

So Bee and I hit the local Goodwill store...
I was sooooooooooooo disappointed!
Sheesh! They do know what is a "need"
and a "want " and price accordingly!!!
(I think they read all the right magazines
and know juuuuuuuuuuuuuust what's
a hot-seller!!!! I was
fabulous finds like all of you always
seem to come hoo...there
I was, glumly dragging my ratty, nasty
silver tray around ($5.99). It was the
only thing I could find! It would need to
be painted to cover it's myriad flaws, but
I thought I might as well but it as not...
boo bargain mojo was just zapped,
when my sister said, "Let's go around one
more time...sometimes you see things you
missed before". "Alright", I mope-ily shrugged,
"might as well"**dramatic sigh**
In no time we had a cart full (sorry, I didn't take
pictures of her purchases).
But look what I found!

A glass dome (the wooden cheese board was
xnayed immediately!)~~a little basket that is
unmarked, but the china is very thin and fine...
and the flower is PINK!~~~a lustreware covered flower! Reminds me of something my
great grandmother would have had!~~~ and a
lustreware saucer with darling daisies!!!
This cute little chick! My sister rolled her eyes
but she was just too sassy to pass up!!!(OH, and
I discovered that the glass dome fits my milk glass
plate to perfection!).
This little jewelry armoire...I LOVE THE FEET!
I have been looking for little shelves, etc. to hold
all the bits & bobs that go into my creating!!!
And this little dresser too! I don't know if I'm in love
with the flowers, but they are starting to grow on me.

And, ooops, I didn't get the tray! I put it down somewhere
and I couldn't find it again! But, no matter, I got all of the
above for $25 and I am clappy as a ham!!!!


  1. So that is the secret...I need to go around twice. I NEVER find anything at our Goodwill. You did great and the dome looks great on the milkglass.

  2. Such cute items! I love the girl - she is cheeky!! The littel dresser is so gorgeous - I would never find anything like that in my "goodwill" shop!! Pop by my blog for a giveaway too. Cheers, Kathryn.

  3. Good grief Charlie Brown how did you not see them on your first trip around?? LOL!!!
    You hit the pretty pink jackpot chickie babe!
    I was picturing you all sooky like a kid and i almost wet myself laughing! I do that when i go junkin' with my mum..she ALWAYS spots things b4 me! Then i sulk like crazy :(

    Im sooo glad you found some pretties.A gal NEEDS pretties!

    Shann x

  4. Those are great finds! I've stopped going to my goodwill as anything good there is soooo expensive...I can get it for less across the street at big lots.

    Glad you went for round 2!!!

  5. How the hec did you miss all this great stuff the first time around? Good think no one else snatched up these goodies while you were moping around girlie girl!

    Just love the sweet little girl.

    xo Cath

  6. Love the sassy girl..... you really did find some goodies..... you make me laugh.... I guess I need to take a run at the Goodwill...

  7. What a great bunch of goodies and such a deal! Love the flowers on the tiny dresser, don't need to grow on me! Love your pinks starfish too!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  8. I`m asking to all the Bloggers to support our dear FRIEND Mandy!
    Please do come over, and DO LEAVE A COMMENT!

    Debbie Moss

    Thanks so much for your SUPPORT!

  9. You got some cuties there!! I love the little jewel wardrobe. SOOOO Cute!!!
    Our Goodwill stores are SOOOOO expensive very hard to get nay good bargins!!

  10. What bargains were to be had on that day - perhaps you went around the first time with your blinkers on because you nearly missed some great buys. Lucky you had you sis there to head you in the right direction.

    oh and by the way..I have two daughters so I can lend one to you for hair straightening....LOL

  11. Thankyou so much for your support and lovely comment left on Debbies blog. Everyone is so kind. I dont know where people find the time to do these things, they must sit all day looking for people to upset. Hopefully they will get bored soon. Anyway....... What great things you bought. I adore glass domes. Lovely! Thanks again Mandy X


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