September 30, 2008


OK, no Rin, just Tin...

I love tins!!!!(it's actually a box/container
thing I have, but I will just deal with tins
tonight! :) Every Christmas I can't wait
to see what kind of cute vintage-y tins
Michael's or Joanne's will have!(And
then I stalk them until they go on sale for
75% off!).
But may favorites are the old tins and
I'm always on the look out for something

This one isn't in the best shape, but I love
the colors, kinda Mary Englebreit-y circa
the beachy feel of the custom built townhouse
she lived in after the really cool super old house,
but before she moved into her "dream house"!).

This was my great grandmother' old
candy tin...and I painted it. She was very pink,
I think she's approve.

I bought this one because it "reminds me of
that old tin of grandma's I have"...but couldn't
find at that a million other things!
BAD GIRL! And yes, it's red! I can't help liking
Red...she is Pink's sassy sister, so she has a
place in my heart!
This cutie is chintz! (**GASP!**) I included
the Julia c/s so you can see that it's a copy of
real chintz! It's made by Daher and they
also make cute "Julia" tin plates! (a bit
hard to find though!).

And this I bought just because it says "Louis
Sherry"! Just like in my favorite movie, "Meet
Me In St. Louis"! (what a geek I am, huh? :) It
was a "little" before my time, but I love musicals
and Gene Kelly is still my dream boat! (OK, I'm
a big geek! :)

And now........................the WONDERFUL WENDY @

(one of THE all time
greatest blog names!!!) has given me this fabu award!

She could not be a bigger doll and be sure to
stop by and be jealous of the chintz c/s she
just blogged about just to make my heart
flutter! :) THANK YOU, WENDY!
I can't post the blogs I want to share it with
tonight though, I have a strict 1 hour blogging
limit tonight since "Ironman" is waiting.....


  1. That first tin is just beautiful!!! Where did you find that? ok, gonna go just look at it for a while....LOL Congrats on your blog award!


  2. Congratulations on your award.

    I love tins and things too, I think my favourite is the lilac one.

    Like you I love a good musical but haven't seen Meet me in St Louis would you believe but did make a print out of it last to give my mum for my Christmas list!

    Victoria x

  3. Hey! Girl, I just love tins too. I can never pass one up. I will have to do a post on mine soon, so that I can show you the one's I have. Your's are so unique and beautiful. Your grandmother's is quite a priceless treasure...I love the chinz one too. Ohhh, I just love them all! Hope you have a great day!

  4. I love your tins :-) I've got a collection of them as well, none of mine are as cute though! I was shocked to read that buttons are nasty? GASP.... perish the thought!! I love buttons! You should see my collection on my blog :-P

  5. Muy lindas cajitas.... preciosas! and congrats on your blog award!--they're always so much fun!

    Un beso


  6. Thank you --- You are too sweet! And you deserve it..Like I said-- LOVE your BLOG!

  7. Their all beautiful in their own.

    Love the first one the most. Thanks for sharing them.


  8. Your tins are lovely! The red one- is it a bank? Did it used to have a handle on top? My grandma gave me one in blue a very long time ago. Maybe 1977? I sure wish I still had it.

  9. Those are gorgeous tins ! I love them too ~ Thank you for sharing yours with us ~

  10. You have some very beautiful tins! Red is pink's sassy sister... ;)


  11. I love your beautiful tins. How do you display them??? I wish I had more places to display things like that!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Those are beautiful tins!
    Isnt it funny how we are drawn to certain items, it seems like it strikes a cord in us or something.
    My problem is I am drawn to many things so have too much of everything...hee hee..

  13. i found a Daher tin in my great grandmothers things after she passed, its quite lovely and i think has inspired a love of tins in me : )


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