September 14, 2008

Picture This.....

I just got these 2 pictures and although they
are unsigned, whoever painted these was after
my own heart!
Of course my photos make them look darker
than they are, but the artist was actually able
to capture the look of a sun drenched room
like nothing I have ever seen!

And such details.....
A china cabinet....
Fabulous chandelier....

Shells & clocks & a plate on the wall....

Another chandelier...look how the light catches
the prisms....I know Gail McCormack can paint
like this, but I surely could not!
A painted cane chair....

Cute little table & chairs that look like something
Shannon or Cindy or Kimba found for $50 and gave
them a make over one day.

And now that age-old dilemma....finding just
the right spot to hang them :)


  1. Those are amazing...I can just imagine how they would look framed and hung up. I'm especially enchanted by the chandelier paintings. What glorious finds!!!

  2. They look like great photos. I don't have another spot to hang anything...which just aggravates me. Hope you find a place for these!

  3. What pretty pictures! I'm sure you will find a great place for them. You'll have to show us when you decide.

  4. ACK how gorgeous are those !!!! You know if you cant find the 'right' spot for them i will take them off your hands !!! LOL, YEAH RIGHT !

    and ooooh the table and chairs...they are scrummy!
    Loved your comment about them too *smiles*
    so funny.

    Luv Shann x

  5. Hey! Oh, these pictures are gorgeous! Yes, that is always the delima for me too....where do I put it...don't worry, we always find a spot! LOL. Hope your windows don't do like mine makes me chuckle too, when I think about it all! Just one of those things in life that you just can't do anything about, gotta live with it til you can make it to the dealership. Girl, you should've seen the looks I was getting going down the road! LOL! Have a great week!

  6. Lovely..... all your favorite things... I guess they painted it just for you....

  7. They are beautiful and please show us where you hang them.

  8. you're so right...they are beautiful and have such whimsy.
    I wish i had that talent to put that look together...your paintings are an inspiration.
    i'm getting ready to re-do my downstairs...maybe i'll try my hand at it in at least one room.
    come visit any time!

  9. Morning friend...those are gorgeous pictures and would look great anywhere hanging or even propped on a shelf or depending on how big they are maybe even on an easel sitting on a dresser or I said they would just be beautiful anywhere! Thanks for coming by and visiting...hope you have a great week!

  10. What quiet, peaceful images. I can see why you are so drawn to them.


  11. Lovely pictures! Such delicate details and I'm sure you will find the perfect spot for them!

  12. Those pictures are beautiful and you are quite right, Gail M. can paint amazingly. I have an entire wall in my bedroom of cakes and teacup paintings. And I just adore the bird in a teacup painting which is in my kitchen.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds. Just beautiful pics.


  13. What a great find. I have never seen pics like that before.

  14. I just want to move right into those pictures and live! I love the chandeliers!


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