September 28, 2008


I don't know about you, but I can completely lose
myself in an antique store. This reminds me of
my great grandmother's kitchen and that reminds
me of something my grandmother had...I just
start thinking about the people who all these
treasures once belonged to. Particularly the old
pictures. I really didn't have very many old
family photos until about 10 years ago, so I
was always so envious of people who had their
family's entire history in pictures! And it
would really tug at my heart strings to see all
the boxes of old photos in antique stores...who
were these people? why didn't their family
want these pictures? how did they end up here?
Well, once upon a time, in an antique store in
Whittier, I came across a box of the nicest old
pictures, they were in such great condition, I
was so thrilled!!!! But I soon noticed that they
were of the same people...and all addressed to
one person...the kicker was that they had been
sent from a tiny town in Nebraska that is
very near to the small town where my a lot
of my family lives. I made up all sorts of stories
in my head, about why someone's entire family
history would just be sold off, and they were all
very sad! I decided to buy all the pictures
and see if I could get them back into the right hands.
Verdigre, NE. is very small, (yes, smaller than
Wasilla!) so I figured that the Postmaster would
know everyone there (this was before everything
was on-line). I wrote him a letter and explained
what I was trying to do and he wrote back and
told me he had forwarded my letter to the family.
Soon I received another letter from the sweetest
little old lady who was so excited to be know that
I had all her pictures. Her name was Marie and
she was the little girl in most of the pictures that
had belonged to her favorite cousin, also Marie,
who had recently died and her "no good" (her
words :) son just sold off the entire contents of her
I was so happly to be able to reunite a family,
well, sort of, and so was she. She even sent me
a little set of Nebraska salt and pepper shakers...
it was adorable.

The Marie I returned the pictures too, as a little girl.


  1. That is a very touching post! Thank heavens you did that. What a sweet, sweet story!

  2. wow those pics are quite a treasure!

  3. That was so sweet of you to do that. It is so difficult at times to get the family pictures. I know that lady was thrilled.

  4. What a fantastic story! How amazing that is how it all worked out in the end. You undoubtedly brought so much joy to Marie. I also think the same thing when I run across old photos. It's such a pity that they're not with the families, if there are any members still alive.

  5. I love the story, and so nice of you to find the family. The pictures look like they should be hanging in a parlor.

  6. Oh my gah! That's so amazing. Seriously, (you will hate this) but you are my hero. I'm so selfish, when I find an adorable photo, like Lil Marie all smiley, I just hoard it. I guess I assume that those people just tossed those photos out. A new perspective for me from now on. So awesome.

  7. first of all those old photos are amazing and adorable, I would love to have those of my family

    second what an incredible story, you are too kind to have done that, that old lady must have been over the moon to have received those back, human spirit indeed alive and well in what sometimes I think is a not so nice world

    great post, I really enjoyed that


  8. That is one of the best stories, I have ever heard...way to go!
    I hate when I go to Thrift stores and see frames with peoples pics still in them.
    That was just so cool of you :)

  9. That is the neatest story ever. That was SOOO sweet of you! What happiness you brought that dear lady. Come by later today I have an award for you. My first award given and first award I'm giving. yeah. Wendy

  10. YOU are a kind soul---I love it that you took the time to locate that lady!
    So, you mentioned Whittier AND Wasilla---do you live in Alaska? We were there on vacation in Aug. 07 (I had been to Alaska before and my husband has visited several times--fishing). We stayed in Wasilla three nights--I even bought a souvenir Wasilla shirt because it was denim! We also visited Whittier (took a glacier sightseeing trip out of there). Anyway, I just was wondering!

    Now I'm off to read your Pink Sat. post! Dana

  11. That is a great sotry - well done. I'm sure you made her day. Fancy the no good son just selling everything off like that without even asking any of the family if they wanted the photos?? I can't believe it.

  12. I loved this post, and what a happy ending. My what a beautiful thing you did. Most people would never even think of doing what you did for Marie.

    Have a great week.


  13. Oh ....M .... what a delightful story... how wonderful that the pictures found you and then you found their home..... what a dear you are and I am sure little Marie was so overwhelmed at your generous deed.....that "no good son"... you showed him...

  14. What a wonderful story!!! Oh how nice that must feel to have been able to reunite such gorgeous photos with people who have a real life attachment to them! Oh wow, that has so made my day!! What a lovely person you are!! Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  15. That's a great story. Good for you!!!


  16. Hey! That is just wonderful that you were able to get these treasured pictures back to the family. I mean that is so amazing too! Hope you have a great week!

  17. What a great post! I am so happy you did this, I too feel a bit sad when I see a whole box full of family photos that someone just got rid of. Good job!!
    xo Lidy

  18. What a joy to read,
    You are lovely just like your blog.
    Love Kristina XxX

  19. This is one of the most endearing stories I've heard. Your random act of kindness is truly heart warming! BTW, thanks for stopping by to see my French antique armoire! I feel the same as you about getting lost in antique stores for hours. The next time I see old photos, I will think of you!

  20. oh I love black and white pictures

  21. What a lovely story.

    My nan has a huge box full of family photos that I'm just desperate to get my hands on but she won't let them out of her sight.

    I love visiting and looking through them

    Victoria x

  22. Awww, that was a great story! I loved how happy you made her! Ironically, my grandparents on my father's side still live in Whittier- what is that phrase? 9 degrees of separation?

  23. Oh M.... that just touched my heart so much. I wish everyone could find the family that belongs to all those pictures out there.


  24. Oh I love this story! Mainly because I love old photos and happy endings.
    What a sweet story!


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