September 1, 2008

"Inspired By".....My Own Cheapiosity!!!!!

So, I was at Micheals...(I should just get an RV
and live in their parking lot, huh?) Anywho...
I was looking at all the doll stuff (I love small things!
They can be used in so many other ways..and who am
I trying to kid...I still like dolls!) Anywho #2, I spied
this cute little crown...well, it was a lot cuter when I
didn't know the price...Almost $4!!!!!!!!! For a crown
made of pipe cleaners! What pafoodle! So, I just
marched on over to the "chenille stem" section
and bought a bag of silver ones...went home and
got busy! And in no time, I had made this....

Just s few little loops & twists.....

a glittered charm & a couple rhinestones...

And with this whole package...I can make enough
to decorate a whole Christmas tree!!!!


  1. Super cute and totally creative! I'm SO enjoying your blog!

  2. You are so hilarious!! You know what?? I would have done the exact same! My sis is always making fun of my "cheapness". I bet yours is prettier too!

  3. Wow! What a great idea! They came out so pretty! Good job!!

  4. VERY cute! I may have to try that. My mind is running with uses for little glittery crowns!


    btw, I love your new background

  5. ...but much was the bag of pipe cleaners, ay? I love the tiara you made it's cute. I have to say I love love love the "my own cheapiosity"! That's just great. I have a friend who loves to make fun of the gal who coined the term "fabulosity" you know baby-phat bling stuff... she will love that word. Happy Labor Day!

  6. OH OH OHHHHHH........
    I am jumping up and down with excitement!
    I Looooooooove this crown!
    I mean I really looooove it!

    I have been wanting a crown for my cement angel that sits in the garden on a bench!
    I didn't want to spend a fortune and wanted something that wouldn't rust and look yucky being in the rain and snow!
    This is very perfect!
    And will sparkle in the sunlite!

    Oh I love it...I love you!

    You have made my day!
    Hugz, Dolly

  7. You sure seem to get a lot done! I meant to go to Michaels today, as I had a 50% off coupon. But I didn't make it. We're getting evacuees into town, and it is really crowded out.

  8. LOVE those!!!! You are so clever! I am like you, I just love little things! I always look in Michaels doll section too!


  9. That's so cool! My daughter needs to wear a crown for one of her dance's in this year's dance concert and the cheapest one I could find was $ wear for like 3 seconds, I don't think so! You've given me a fantastic idea sweetie, thank you!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. I love these little crowns. What a fun idea and certainly less expensive than Micheals. I must try some for my dolls.

    thank you for sharing


  11. Too cute! Love your "cheapness", shows alot of creativity and I'm sure your chenille stems went alot further than the one $4 crown.


  12. Well aren't you a clever cookie! It's adorable!

  13. Adorable! And the word cheapiosity makes me laugh:>) I have some of that too!


love to hear from you! ;}