September 23, 2008

Inspired by Vintage Bella

As if I needed as excuse to put glitter on
anything else....I have practically glittered
everything I own...even my cats are
suspiciously sparkly! (Shhhhhhhhh...they
don't know that they aren't supposed to be!)
Then one day, while visiting

(aka Andrea, who is hardly "vintage", but is
quite "bella") I saw what she had been
up to...and it was glittery good!!!!!!
She had bedazzled a picture frame!!!! Why
had I never thought of that???? (Probably
because even while glittering the smallest of
objects, I make quite the mess, I never had
the nerve to tackle something large). But her
frame was so gorgeous, I had to take the risk...
and all I can say is WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!
I LOVE GLITTER (12 step program??????????)

I found these goodies while shopping in my garage
again....the small frames were little ornaments
with a holly sprig on top & a tassel below...they
were hastily removed!

They look a lot better this way!!!!!!!!

Those sparkles are real, not Photoshopped!!!!
(And that would be because I still have not
figured Photoshop out!)

And, of course, I had to do some more shells too...
I am only human after all!

And what flower could resist being potted
in this jewel?????! :)

Then I just went plain nuts and got out the glue
pen !!!! I think I will be making more plates like

This is just more fun than a person should have
with sharp and shiny shards of glass!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, Kelly Maria @
Belle Ame
beautiful Autumn Give Away that
you should really check out!!


  1. Wow I love those frames! I might just go and retrieve those frames I put out for the garage sale, I think I have found something much nicer to do this evening!!
    I also adore those shells...hmm I think my children will have to follow the glitter trail to find me for the next couple of days!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  2. OH....MY...GOODNESS... They look amazing - go glitter girl!!

  3. Good morning,

    Glitter must be one of my most favorite materials to embellish projects with!
    And there are so many different kinds of glitter to use, what a treat!
    Your designs look fantastic!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  4. Oh my gosh- you've got the glittering skills all sewn up. How do you get it on so neatly? Everything looks great!

  5. Oh those look amazing! You are a glitter genius!!

  6. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOVE those!!!!!! You always have the prettiest sparkle here! Love it!

    My dog doesnt know she isnt supposed to be sparkly either, lol!


  7. did u use glass glitteR? I love the results

  8. What a difference glitter makes. They almost look like candy. Cute.

  9. Love those vintage sweaters from your last post.....glitter glass is sooo fun but can prick you when cleaning up LOL
    Photo shop is hard...I bought a cheap version~photo explosion from Target and I am having fun with that.

  10. I'm a glitter girl, too! I love the stuff, always have a little sparkle sticking to me somewhere! Love the frames..too cute! Thanks for I'm inspired!

  11. Everything you glitter just sparkles. I love it, it looks beautiful, especially those little those shells look great too.

  12. Twinkle twinkle little star,
    They are so beautiful and the shells stunning,i shall have to order some of this glitter you use a specialist glue with it?
    Love Kristina x

  13. You did a great job....I love sparkle as well and have it everywhere....the more sparkle the better.....I love the frames...
    Mo :-)

  14. Oh my gosh !!! I adore those !!! I am a glitter nut too but haven't glittered frames yet ~
    I have to do that real soon !!!

  15. oooh i luv that gorgeous do they look! And what would a post from you be without the appearance of some blingy starfish or shells *grin*

    ok now im off to find my glitter....

    Shann xx

  16. WOW! That look fantastic!

    Victoria x

  17. Oooh, I've done that, too, to a favorite frame for a favorite photo of my kitty who passed away last year... It was an old gold/brass frame and it's now silver and sparkly! Woo hoo!! Yours came out GREAT!!...Donna


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