September 17, 2008

Inspired By The Montage....

Once upon a time, our fabulous friend, Michelle,
was visiting from Kansas (HI! Michelle!!!) and she
was staying at a hotel in Laguna Beach called, The
Montage(I was going to put their link in here, but
the parking attendant crashed Bee's car when we
were there, so I decided against it!)
But I digress...after lunch we wandered into the
gift shop an spied a bejeweled starfish..."Ohhhhhh,
Aaaaaaaaaaahhh", we cooed. "That's so pretty, how
much is it?", someone asked oh so innocently.
Why are the price tags always UNDERNEATH the
item????? Undaunted, I crouched down on the
floor of the swanky shop and craned my neck until
I could see the price tag through the glass shelf...
and after I fainted dead away and was promptly
revived by the girls, I eeecked out, "It's $125...".
And after they threw more water in my face I said,
"Who that heck are they trying to kid! I can make that!".
Now, I know that our dollar is like Monopoly money
in some of your countries right now...but $125 for
a starfish...PUH-LEEEEEZ!
That was the fateful occasion that inspired me to
paint & glitter & bejewel poor defenseless sea shells
and starfish.

(I know, my lighting is baaaaaaad. I am finding
the light in my "staging area" (my dining room
window") is changing for the worse as the year
goes on, so you'll probably need to click on the
pics to see detail and I'll need to find another
window! Sorry about that.

Pearls & vintage rhinestone...who could ask for
Grandama's vintage shells & rhinestones...
Pink fresh water pearls accents....

I have just bought a new batch of stinky starfish....
(does anyone know how to get rid of that smell????
Soooooooooo much worse than stinky boy socks or
hockey equipment!)
Who knows what I will adorn them with next???! ;)


  1. The Montage is pretty swanky. So I can imagine anything would be over-priced. We have a friend getting married there next year and when I heard how much it was going to be I choked...almost like your reaction to the $125 starfish.
    Your starfish creations are gorgeous. Very cute. Every last one of them.

  2. Hi,

    Your starfish are wonderful!!! My fav would have to be the Pearls & vintage rhinestone one!!!

    Not sure how to ge rid of the smelly starfish sorry.

    Siobhan xo

  3. Those are beautiful!!! What kind of glue did you use?


  4. Very neat idea...I can see why you made your own!!! Next?!? who knows...what about buttons? or have you done that already???

  5. They are gorgeous and they must have taken ages to do?? I can't believe that the shop wanted that much money for one?? Astronomical!! keep it upa nd you will give them a run for their money!! Kathryn.

  6. Oh, I love your star fish! I am a beach fanatic and I couldn't love bling more, so your starfish are right up my alley! When I collect shells or anything from the beach I soak them in a bucket of water with some bleach added. It gets rid of all the smell. You can soak the shells for a few hours but I would only soak the star fish for 15 minutes or so. Try one to make sure it comes out ok. Rinse it well in water after soaking and air dry. By the way, where do you order your starfish from, if you don't mind my asking? You've made some beauties!

  7. Thanks for commenting over at cupcake studio! Wow, your blog is so pretty! Happy Fall!

  8. Oh so glad you stopped by to visit me Thank you... Try soaking the star fish in diluted water with bleach...that should work.
    or try baking soda with water.oxoxox Laura

  9. HAHAHA there you go again 'Pimping The StarFish'
    I LOVE THEM ! You are just brilliant M.
    I cant choose which one is the prettiest though! And would i pay $125 for one of yours?? WELL OF COURSE ! LOL.
    I have noooo idea about the smell though,so i guess i am rather useless to you.

    Luv Shann

  10. Good Morning and so nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by. I adore your starfish!! Beautiful! Great story too. Maybe try some bleach water to rid the odor.
    Cheers, Celestina
    la rea roe

  11. Those starfish are beautiful! I think I'm going to make some, too. I want to do a coastal Christmas tree. I already have some "beachy" ornaments for it.

  12. Wow just beautiful, I did a few last month and they sold quickly but not for 125 lol ! I love beach cottage. Here is the link for the magazine cover!

    So glad you left a comment i'm going to add you to my blog roll Hugs, Kimberly

  13. You are quite creative with those starfish. You should sell them.....maybe less then $125 though LOL

  14. Where do you buy those stinky starfish anyway? Yours came out so beautiful. Wendy

    Love the kneck cranning story.

  15. Those turned out beautiful! I totally know about that smell. My starfish (months later) still have a funky smell to them! Let me know if you find out how to rid of it! Don't you just love boutique pricing? Ridiculous!

  16. Muy lindo! Have a lovely day, sweet lady!


  17. Thanks for visiting :)! You have a lovely blog :). Those starfish are gorgeous, great idea! - Jess

  18. Your starfish are gorgeous. I bet they would go for a pretty penny!

  19. Your star fish look like a million.... very pretty.... do you just dip them in glue and sprinkle?
    Does a day in the sun take the small out?

  20. Hello; I am soooooooo Loving your beautiful blinging starfish. You did such a great job decorating them. I might have to give it a go myself. I can't help you with getting rid of the smelly starfish sorry, but i love what you do with them. thanks for sharing.
    have a great Friday.


  21. LOL! I'm laughing because you sound just like me and did just what I would have done. :-D

    They're beautiful!


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