September 24, 2008


After a birthday comes "Thank You" cards, but
I was really stumped as to what I should use or
do or make....Hmmmmmmm...Hmmmmmmm...
then I got an idea!

I thought I could take some pictures and make
them into something "postcard-ish"....

(SIDEBAR...beneath the pictures is the gorgeous
new quilt that Bee gave assistant was
much more enamoured with the plastic bag it
came in...I think he should have been a baby

but then I got a bit carried away, I just kept
cutting and gluing and tying and they all
ended up with a bit too many foo-foos and
doo dads so the postcards became cards.

I'm do hope the glitter, etc. fared well as they
made their way through the postal system tho.... :)


  1. Well all the Foo Foos and Do dads sure looked pretty to me ! You really come up with some super sweet ideas M.
    Shann x

  2. What spectacular Thank You cards!! I love a little bit of sparkle in the mail..but then hey as already discussed, I am with you on the love of sparkle. I even had to get some Starfish today and when questioned by others I just replied...Oh I have seen them somewhere and they looked fabulous...these people would so not understand the blog thing...but soon i shall have sparkly starfish too...but mine are the non smelly variety and they already come with a basic white glittering....thanks for the inspiration, Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  3. Cards are adorable ! And the shot of your assistant is tooo cute ! Your blog is wonderful !

  4. What lovely cards you've made. I love writing my thank yous to family and friends

    Victoria x

  5. Hi M!
    They turned out beautiful! It takes a special talent to put all those little things together to make such an incredible item. I have such a hard time doing that and admire such talent!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. Your cards look so pretty! I love that photos of your assistant's paw coming out of the bag sure do have a way of finding little spots irresistible!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. I didn't know which post to leave a comment on because I thought this one and the glitter fab one were both SOOOO neat! I love seeing a blog and thinking 'WHAT A GRAND IDEA'. And that is exactly what I was just thinking as I read and gawked at your posts. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend. I'm sure I will be visiting again before that. Wendy

  8. Those are beautiful...I too hope they made it to their destination with all (or at least most of their) glitter intact!!!!

  9. You are so inspiring and SPARKLY!!!!

  10. Wow! They look so cute! Cute blog, by the way.

    I just love your picture frame bulletin board. Lovely!

    Oh - and I love the picture of your cat in the bag. Mine does that to bags all of the time. So funny!

    Jenni B

  11. I think they are beautiful! I love foo foos and do dads! The more the merrier :)


  12. your assistant is sooo funny!!
    you gotta check out the pics of my goof ball I just posted!

  13. Your cards turned out so beautiful! Your recipients are very lucky, indeed! That was a great idea!

  14. The frame turned out precious! Oh, you have got me laughing again girl...your kitty is so funny! I love it....with his cute little paw peeking out of the bag! LOL...


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