August 10, 2008

TAG...I'm it!

I don't know why, but I thought I'd give a
Tag Swap a try...since I have never ever
made a tag, this was a border line insane
idea. But our gracious hostess, Andrea at

Vintage Bella
has been so nice & encouraging
that I really been fun creating my tags.

Pink, there anything else?

I have also decided that there is nothing prettier
than German glass glitter! It's awesome!
And I hope to do this again real soon!


  1. You've never made tags? Surely you're pulling our legs! They're so GORGEOUS and girly!

  2. So cute! i need to get some of that german glass glitter, I love glitter and it looks so good:>)

  3. Good morning M :)

    I really need to start using my glitter. Those tags are darling :)

    I loved your pink Saturday cuteness. Glitter shells? I think I'll try it.

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Very pretty tags! I used to be in so many swaps...I just loved them. I kinda got burned out though. I still have some amazing art from so many talented ladies though. I'm sure what you get back will be wonderful.

  5. Sweetie ~ you and I need to live together. Our love for pink has no end....

    I'm loving those darn tags. I need some of those pretties.

    xo Cath

  6. How cute is that! So pink and perfect! I need to try some glitter. I remember it as a kid, getting it all over myself and sparkling for some time!

  7. Very nice for your first it...
    Mo :-)

  8. What an adorable tag! I love it so pink and girly. It's fabulous!

  9. Love it! I LOVE the German glass glitter! I can't believe how beautiful they turned out when you have never even made a tag!! You are one talented woman!!

  10. If that is your first try at tag are a natural. Those are so cute!
    I have yet to try a tag swap or ant swap where you have to make an item.
    Lucky person who gets those :)

  11. WOW!
    I LOVE your tags!
    They are very artistic looking and very pretty also!
    You sould do some more for sure!
    Kisses kisses
    Debbie Moss

    P.S - Thanks for stopping by!
    Much apprecciated!!
    And please come and visit me soon!!!

  12. OH MY!!! Your tags are fabulous! Like you have been making them for years! I just love the detail!


  13. Ok you're joking about not making them before huh??? SERIOUSLY NOW, because they are GORGEOUS!!! You go girl they are so BEAUTIFUL! I love em..PINK well what else!!! LOL



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