August 15, 2008

Sky Watch Sunset!!

I was lucky enough to get these shots of
an amazing sunset and sliver moon!!!!
(Of course I got so into taking them that
I forgot about my sister's dogs and thought
I had lost them!...they were actually just
bored with me and had gone back inside!!)

Oh, wow, now that I see these posted...the moon is
so tiny...way down there at the bottom...see????? :)

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  1. Really nice photos. I love the colors in all three pictures.


  2. I love sunrises and sunsets! I never get tired of them.

  3. M: That is a special sunset indeed, funny about the dogs.

  4. Kewl! Good post and images! Cheers, Klaus

  5. The moon may be tiny, but the sky shots are HUGE! I really liked them. My pictures are of a mackerel sky before the storm. I invite you to come see. - Margy

  6. Stopping by to say hello!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Howdy! What a cute and fun blog you have!! Enjoying myself, loving your tea cups, and you can NEVER have too many tea cups, lol :)!! And your kitties are sooo adorable!! I'll be back!!
    ~*~*~* Madai

  8. Great photo's. I love sunsets! I don't make it to many sunrises, but sunsets are sure spectacular!! Glad the pooches went back inside.

  9. Love your photos! So colorful! Well done!

  10. LOVELY photos, and what a bonus the moon was!

    These remind me of some of my sunrises. Before the sun comes up, I think the sky is clear, but as it comes up, the wispy clouds take on color. It is so beautiful.

  11. Sweet, sweet dog, love the "blessed " sign, gorgeous sunset. God's the greatest artist!


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