August 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday...Fire in the Sky!

Not every sunset is a wonder to behold, but
this one sure was!
How do these colors happens??? Amazing!

It looked just like a vein of fire running
through the densely clouded sky...very cool!

Hop on over to
Sir Tom's Official Sky Watch Blog-a-ganza

(ok, sure, I may have taken a bit of a liberty
by "knighting" him..and, yah, well, I'm not even
royal enough to do so...but, what the heck...
I, for one, think he well deserves it!!
(God save the queen!)
to see the wondrous skies from all over the world!!

And to "my fellow American" bloggers...
have a great LONG weekend & happy Labor Day!


  1. Nice Sky Watch!!! Great colors in that sky so pinky and pretty the way you have framed them.... This is what sky watch is all about... we get to travel all around the world, such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it. cheers.

  2. These are a beautiful series of photos. Your title says it all. Wonderful colours. Happy SWF.

  3. Love that series...
    Very nice work...
    Best regards, Don.

  4. cool catch for skywatch! Mine's up too... hope you can visit.... asking for your vote too... thanks a lot, Happy weekend!

  5. Wonderful sky watch. Your sky looks like gateau:-) Lovely colours. Have a nice day and happy skywatching:-)

  6. How DO those colors happen? The vein of color is what makes this so spectacular. Terrific post.

  7. Nice Sky Watch! I think sunset is one of my favorite times. Sunrise might be too if I was up early enough....... LOL

  8. Seems like a lonely little pink cloud soaring like a bird in the sky. Very pretty.


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