August 7, 2008

Sky Watch Friday & A Bit of Dazzle!

Last week I could not catch a break!!!!
Just one clear blue sky after another!
Yeesh!!! But this week....yowza...full of
intrigue just on the horizon!

Doesn't this look like two dragons??? Or Nessies...
Just gliding through the air?

Or are they pulling a mythical Viking ship along?
Yes, I am crazy, but that's what they looked like
to me!

Be sure to stop over @
The Official Sky Watch Blog
to find out if anyone saw Bigfoot!!!!!


And now for a bit of Friday Dazzle!
I was rummaging around...can't remember
what for exactly...when I came across these
little gems :)
Naturally, I had forgotten that I had them...
I bought them several years ago on Ebay
probably just because they are shiny and I
am a badger!

But the really cool thing about them
is that they were still in their original
packaging, all aged and musty smelling
(love that!) So, I had to wonder who made
them and used them way back when...
I love to think about things like that!



  1. Girl, with your imagination.... there's no telling what you will come up with, when it comes to these beauties.... I can hardly wait. You know that you are a true inspiration right?!! I love looking for shapes in the clouds and did my first blog about cloud watching. My family loves to do that. It is truly amazing what the imagination can capture in those beautiful sky's. We see alot of dragons too! LOL!!! Hope to see you soon!

  2. hey doll,
    so cool, i could spend hours looking at that sight.
    lovely jewels too.
    have a great weekend.

  3. Those gems are super fabulous!!! I love it when I find treasures I forgot about.

  4. It is the romantic in us that wonder such thoughts.
    I love finding "things" forgotten about. Be clothes or home finds, even craft things. Sometihing that should be old to us is new again. And you did not even need to leave your house to shop. Fun. Have a great weekend. Wendy

  5. ooo! love those "diamonds"! Always a favorite for me!
    With kindness,

  6. Interesting SWF! Nicely done!
    Cheers, Klaus

  7. Love the clouds! Just discovered your delightful blog through SWF. Yes to 2 Nessies, yes to Vikings!

  8. I love the dragon clouds. My son would them too. He's a dragon crazy guy. Love this photo!

  9. lol, they do look like dragons in the sky! :)

  10. One vote for the Viking ship scenario. Love your shells. I'm a collector and have lots of shell pics on my blog. I'm not terribly crafty, though, so mine tend to sit in glass bowls and such, instead of being made into clever things.

    have a great weekend!
    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  11. I love a good musty smelling "old thing" as well :-) Sometimes I wonder if I'm inhaling mold spores though lol

  12. Don't you just love finding things you've purchased and forgotten about? Like a new gift! Our skies are cloudy and gray today. Rain! Wonderful, much-needed rain!

  13. I love the clouds. I think that clouds tell stories. I love flying in an airplane and looking down at them. Lucky you to find your diamonds. I love glittery sparkly things too. Your blog is classy.

  14. Great post! Yes they DO look like dragons pulling a viking ship!

    And I LOVE those sparklies!!!

    (your question on my last post - not Ho Ho's-but very similar, they are Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls - my favorite junk food!)

    Love your blog. I read it every day!


  15. Hey! Thanks for coming over....your comments really made my day. I tell you girl, I have enjoyed every single one of your blogs. I love the way that you bring the beachy cottage feel to your vignettes with the seashells. I have added some shells in my bathroom.... inspirations courtesy of you!! Your the best and I am so glad we have met! Have a great weekend!

  16. I love your dragon!! Nice blog!!

  17. Actually it's Santa going up to the North Pole, and those are his Reindeer. His leaving So. Ca to get an early start on Christmas. See I can have an imagination too. HEHE.



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