August 8, 2008

PINK SATURDAY...Somewhere Beyond the Sea...

Maybe you have noticed a theme...
OK!OK! besides all the pictures of Mr.
Furrypants! I meant a theme more
along the lines of well, PINK, of course...
and frames...and china...and shells...
I guess it's just a California thing...
sea shells, starfish...the tar on your feet,
red tide, the stinky, no, that's
for another day! :)

The sea, in all her glory, can provide some
fabulous decorations...and adding a little
glitter never hurts either!

The Pink Saturday Assistants are always at the ready,
looking(sniffing, licking) over each and every detail!

Be sure to visit The Pink Lady, Beverly @
How Sweet The Sound

To find out who else is seeing PINK today!!!!


  1. Your photos are just dreamy. :o)

  2. I love the glittered starfish! I think I'll try that with some of mine!

  3. You make up the prettiest vignettes. You could make a calendar...just as pretty as others on the market...prettier!

  4. I like it alot! My favorite things floral plates and shells together. I love anything to do with the sea.

  5. Your items and pictures are so beautiful and I love the kitties.

    Have a great Pink day!

    Best, Pennie

  6. Lots and lots of pretty pink. You assistants are doing a great job.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. I love your pinks! Pink is a color I have lots of in my closet, but not in my home. I love to wear pink, but I enjoy darker rustic colors in my house. So we are like polar opposites in that area. LOL!
    But still very fun to see it in your home. Your photos are wonderful!

  8. Did I notice a little glitter on the kittens? Great post, and I always love the way you use pink and glitter on things I would never consider! Love it.
    Blessings, Debbie
    PS would glitter look good on farm tools, a tractor, shovel?

  9. Oh how pretty! THe starfish is beautiful. You have very artistic photos there!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    take care,

  10. What pretty things!! thanks for sharing them on Pink Saturday!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love, love, love your post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. What dedicated assistants you have. Always at the ready, never a complaint. LOL
    Great pink show. I especially like how you placed the scalloped shell on the saucer. That just "hit" me.
    I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  13. Sea treasures!!! I adore them!

    Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Besitos from Argentina!!

  14. Hello, M! Your pink post is full of all your pink-sprigged porcelain! I have a feline Pink Saturday Assitant too ;o) Happy Day!

  15. What beautiful pictures. Love the pinkish star fish. Wish I were oceanside today!

  16. Love the Pink Sea shells....and the frames....and the plates....Great pink post...
    Mo :-)

  17. I love that you sea shells are covered in pink glitter!
    It makes them so much more fun? fun-ner?
    lol you get the picture.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. i love your photos.. very pretty.. thank you for sharing..

  19. Oooh Pink Glitter! Loved your photos and the cute little critters who act as your quality control staff! Have a wonderful weekend! ~ xoxo ~ Joy

  20. Happy Pink Saturday! Your kitties are too cute!

  21. Oh, I just love your pink saturday post! This is beautiful to say the least and what an inspiration, too. Your kitty really makes me chuckle... my kitty is always trying to figure out what I am up to. LOL!! Have a great week!


  22. Ohhhh! Love the pink! Love the sea bling(I call it; them; seashells with glitter) Love the frames! Love the furry assistants, they are sooooooo adorable!

  23. I love all of your pink, china, frames and of course the glittered pink starfish !
    Pretty pretty !!!

  24. Your photos are some of the prettiest around... staged so perfect.... of course it must be the furry help you get....
    My break is computer inflicked... should be up and running Tuesday..

  25. love your beautiful pink things and your cute assistant. I've got a few here too. Somtimes I have to type with one hand because they think they can help me best by falling asleep on the right one. Happy Pink Weekend!

  26. Hello, I love your pictures! The starfish and plates together is really cute!
    I see you have inspectors too! They always seem to show up when something is changed!
    Love, Ann

  27. Love all the pics, just Gorgeous!!! Esp. love the "Kitty Hepler" :) I have 2 of those myself!

  28. What a gorgeous *pink* post! So dreamy *pink*!


love to hear from you! ;}