August 6, 2008


A tad sassy today, huh?
But NUTS it is!!! Nut dishes, that is.
One of the cutest and most impractical
of the chintz bits we have collected are
the nut adorable as they are...
the thought of using little dishes to serve
nuts in is just hard to imagine.
On the other hand, the thought of keeping
one by the kitchen/bathroom sink to hold
your rings or on your dresser for other jewels,
now that's workable!

Pretty, pretty " Summertime"...including a nut scoop...
(again...impractical for nuts, but for bath salts....) the main
nut bowl with cut-out heart handles, love that!

All shapes, sizes and patterns...

The beautiful DuBarry with it's shape, particular to
James Kent nut dishes.
The BABE, "Julia"!!! The colors in Julia really
have to be seen in person to be appreciated, the
pink & the periwinkle are amazing! And the shell

James Kent again, in Roslyne, Rose duBarry & an unknown
pattern. This sizes is large enough to use at each place
setting for the used tea bag, individual sugar bowl, floating
a tiny flower or some other fun treat!


  1. Loving these nut dishes! Oh and the photo from the last post of your cat squished under something was just so funny to me, it cracked me right up! LOL
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  2. My daughter inherited some Bavarian China with little Square dishes and little rectangle dishes. They're pretty but I didn't know what they were for. I think maybe they're nut dishes. If not there's always the teabag holder. Your littles dishes are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love tose square dishes and I have never in my life seen anything like that scoop! What a great piece!

  4. Those are great! My mom used to always buy the nuts in a shell and we'd have to crack them open. It is a nice memory brought back.


  5. Hi M :)

    What beautiful peices! I can't imagine using them for nuts either, but maybe I'm just not that sassy ;)


  6. One time Marshalls had a chintz with a pink background. They had just put out every piece and thing you could imagine in the pattern. I bought it all then, decided I had no place to display it or put it. I returned all of it. To this day I could kick myself over and over again. What was I thinking. Now I can not find it anywhere AND I have a place for it. Scream!

  7. The plates are gorgeous! And we had a kitty that loved squeezing into everything too.

  8. I'm always using things meant for the kitchen in places like the bathroom. I think you should use what you love to look at, and if a more practical use is in another room, so be it!

  9. Love your nut dishes. So that's what those cute little dishes are for!

  10. Your nut dishes are soooo pretty!!! You have a wonderful collection!
    Have a great night!

  11. I am so glad you stopped by. Your kitty is such a cutie! Still has me smiling. . .

  12. I absolutely adore chintz china. I have one entire china cabinet full. I figured I had to stop collecting since my house is packed and there is no room for another pretty piece of china.

    Just love your nut dishes!

    xo Cath

  13. Hey girl! HOney, i just love your nut dishes/ soap.... bath salt holders. That's exactly what I though when I saw them. These are gorgeous. Come on over when you can I shared an all things pink day!! You're gonna love it!


  14. This nut dishes are very amazing. It's perfect when you use it for special occasions or simply use the gorgeous dishes as you desire. Thanks for sharing your post.

  15. You have some incredible chintz pieces! Thank you for sharing your collection!


love to hear from you! ;}