August 5, 2008

Misty Watercolor Memory(Cards)...

Among the things I never intended to "collect"...
I find that I have a growing stack of memory cards.
I have been weeding my way through them...what to
delete, what to put on a CD, what to have printed
up??? That's a weeks worth of work in and of itself!
Along the way, though, I came across a picture or
two that have no particular theme or importance...
I just liked them.

Anywhere a cat can squeeze...he will go!

This & that...vintage linens & frames...who
could ask for more?

Pink and sparkly in the sunshine...ahhhhhh....

Possible new blog banner?????

They grow up so fast...sniff, sniff.... :)


  1. ohhhh those frames are just stunning! :)

  2. Happy Weeding!
    Your pussy cat is so very sweet. I think your shells would make a wonderful banner, although I love your existing one

  3. Thanks for stopping by...
    You have made my day, for sure!!
    Also, your kitten is just so cute!
    I want one just like him!
    Love the idea of the plates and the painted frames as a new banner...
    Bye now, stop by soon,...Please!!!!!
    Kisses Kisses

  4. Your kitty is so sweet. I like the picture of a possible new blog banner, too.

  5. I hear you, I have a pile of photos on my computer that I need to either get printed or delete but it seem slike such a big job I keep putting it off. You have some great photos there:>)

  6. Oh girl, I love your blog! I will be back frequently to see all of the pretties and the kitty. Thanks so much for stopping over.


  7. Those are some great photos. I love the ones with the frames and linens.

    Cats are so funny...we used to have a pull out hide a bed couch and our cat would go under the couch and we could feel her inside and then she would come out of the cushions. It was so crazy!

  8. The kitty in the bag made me smile. What beautiful images of pearls, rhinestones and china.

  9. Lovely photos , I have so many photos I daren't spend any more time sifting through them!

  10. I love that possible banner photo! So pretty.
    And such a sweet face your kitty has. Aren't they silly when they try to squeeze into the strangest things? Our Lucy doesn't do it often but Henry surely does!


  11. More eye candy~Sweet.
    I like all of your paw photography..I could never get the hang of any of these photo editing and album sites.
    Stop on blog has a Pawsh new look :)


love to hear from you! ;}