August 17, 2008

It's a Hold Up!

Since the earthquake, I still haven't put
a lot of my things back "where they go".
Especially anything that had been in a stand,
since they are just waiting for an excuse to
tip over!
So, there were all my stands...just sitting there
together...sad and lonely with nothing to
hold up!
But even empty they looked so cute grouped
together, I had to get snapping...and use the
macro setting too!

All the pretty curlicues and ornate designs
get overlooked or hidden when they are
holding something else up! I think I will
enjoy mine, as they are, for a bit.


  1. You truly exemplify the saying "when life deals you lemons, make lemonade."

    Looking at your stands in a whole new way is brilliant.

  2. Great stands! I don't blame ya for being leary of putting things back...

  3. These details are lovely....of course you want to see them!


    I just found your blog the other day and have really enjoyed it. I love Orange County, but we moved to Riverside from N. Cal. I too am a confessed chintz junky (: My largest set (12 place settings a tea service) is Royal Stafford June Roses. I love it so much I have decided to part (painfully, since I have some rare pieces) with my Royal Winton Summertime pieces to make more room and just keep my other 2 Royal Winton patterns (Welbeck & Hazel - and a little Julia) that mix better with my main RS JR set. Do you have 1995 RW Summertime pieces? I was just wondering b/c all of my vintage Summertime have pink roses, but I do have a couple of 1995 pieces where the roses are darker pinkish red. I also love the RW pastelware. I have yet to find any RW locally here in Riverside ): But I keep hoping. I look forward to seeing more of your treasures and ideas. You are such a loyal blogger and fun to watch! If you ever start a 12-step program for china collectors, please let me know! (:

    PS I loved you chintzy shoes! cute!

  5. I've featured you today in my I Love These Ideas! Sunday column. Hop on over if you'd like a badge!


  6. oh my gosh... they do.... they do ...look lovely holding up nothing...
    so many pretty holders...

  7. Nice to find beauty in something you hadn't even noticed before. I love the detail on these!

  8. Where do you find the macro setting? just wondering if my digital camera has it...I can never get the itty bitty detail :( the stands are cute empty.

  9. What a pretty collection!
    We had an earthquake early this year in our part of the UK for the first time and it was very scary,but bet it was nothing compared the ones you have where you are,lets hope that now it has roared it will be gone and leave your prettys in peace.
    Love Kristina x

  10. Hi there.
    I have been admiring your pictures and your picture holder uppers..they are pretty aren't they?
    You wrote about the hurricane. Where do you live...I've been hearing so much about the bad weather and hoping for safety for everyone.

    I hope today is a really good day..

  11. They do look very pretty - good idea to have them on show for a while!

  12. Love the details in the stands! I'd be afraid to put things back myself~hope you are back to normal soon! :) chris

  13. So true! Seeing the details is like smelling the roses! Glad you took the time to enjoy the details and share them in photos. By the way, thank you for leaving a comment on my last "post." I was playing with a collage and posted it to see the size. I thought I deleted it! I can see why you were confused because it was an "oops!"

  14. Just stopped by after seeing you had come by my blog!
    What a great blog you have..
    Hope the pretties find their way back in place soon...
    In the mean time you are right stands alone look impressive!

  15. I love the stands! They are all beautiful, even with nothing in them! I dont blame you for being leary to put things on them, I would be too!


  16. Good morning M :)

    They DO look really cute empty! I love that blessing sign you made and Oreo is such a cutie :)


  17. I love, love, love the first stand. Well, I love all of them but especially the first one. I've been wanting some of those for a long time but can never find them.

    Love your blog too!


  18. oooh what to do, what to do....leave them empty (coz yup they look gorgeous) or put something pretty on them..??? hmmm...i'll leave that up to you!

    Shann x


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