August 4, 2008

It Gives Me "Paws"...

So...I never could get the hang of
Photoshop (No comments Muffin & Mitt!)...
I wish I could...(and if someone knows
of a good on-line tutorial, plz let
me know!) But anywho, I had Corel to
start with so I just opted for the
way updated version and I have been
experimenting away and it's pretty cool!
And for my experimentation, I have chosen
the darling furry paws of Mr. Cat...
I know you are all sick of seeing pictures of
Dutch...but I'm NOT, so, sorry .... :)

I can see this will be hours of fun...he might
even need his own blog! (I know...I need help!).


Aloha Nui Loa, guys!!!


  1. How cool is that??!! Way cool! lol I have no idea how to work photoshop or any of those wonderfully fun photo thingy's, but you have made it look so cool that I am determinded to learn! I hope you're having a really terrific week sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  2. What cute little kitty paws! Love your blog banner photo with the sparkling seashells!!

  3. You pictures are great! The only tip I can give you about photoshop is practice practice practice... It took me all summer last year to learn it, and I still don't know but about half of what I can do with it! :)mendy

  4. I think all of the photos are adorable!

  5. You're so funny... I always have to smile when I read you.... don't ever loose that fun spirit! I'm sure if I get to meet you someday I'd be laughing all the time...

    Me encantas!


    Ps: oh, and by the way... your kittie pics are great--after all, they're truly great! :)

  6. I'm having problems adding pics to my sidebar. (scream). I do love the "shabby chic" paw print and the black vintage frame one. Too Cute!

  7. Love the kitty paw pics! Your cats are so sweet!
    Photoshop is kind of intimidating, but I recommend going on and searching for some basic tutorials. That's how I learned how to use certain tools as well as some great short cuts. There are plenty of tutorials on there from beginner to advanced. Best of luck!

  8. Those paws are too cute! Have fun.


  9. There are few things in this world that are cuter than kitty paws! I loved this post!

  10. How cute that kitty is:-). Just type in Photoshop tutorials in Google....lots of freebies, some good and some not so. Lots on Youtube. ~XO~Janet


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