July 1, 2008

When in doubt...paint it PINK!

First off, I just have to say, that the new issue
of Romantic Country featuring Janet of

fame, has caused no end of unrest
in my home! I was all set to take a break and
enjoy...when Little Mr. decided that he had first
dibs on it...
Then Little Missy took matters into her own hands,
uh paws, to disabuse him of such an idea...
A fortuitous "shake" of the cat food bag brought
everyone back to their senses!
I just wanted Janet to know that neither man, nor
beast can resist the lure of her fabulous home!
So, like I said before, I was at Michael's the
weekend before last... and like a meme I took
the little hand basket instead of the cart...what
was I thinking???? Everything was 5000%
off, so my basket was instantaniously rendered
microscopic! (But I was not about to push around
on of those carts that has a lightening rod attached
to it!...Hey! I had no makeup on...I know how to
humiliated myself...I don't need Michael's and
their shopping carts with phone poles attached
to help me do it!)
I was ok...I had way too many things and looked
like the human version of the Beverly Hillbillies
truck, but I was out of there...on my way to the
check stand when...yah, well, the best laid plans
of mice & men, huh? I just don't think when that
line was written, it took into account the need to
ditch a guy you hadn't seen since high school...
vanity thy name is ME!
So, I am slithering and skulking and ok, ok, I
admit it, commando crawling down darkened
clearance aisles, to avoid this guy, who, let's
face it, probably doesn't remember what he
ate that morning, let alone me from many
moons ago(he was never the sharpest knife
in the drawer!) but I couldn't take that chance!
(I'd love to see the security camera footage!)
All this to say, that while making a total
weenie of myself, I found these really
groovy wooden applique things on sale! I
took one, then that "hmmmmmmmm..."
feeling hit me, and I knew that I needed
more of them 'cuz they could be something
(sorry...I wanted to show a "before" but
the packaging was so boring that I had
to jazz it up a bit).
Naturally, I painted it pink...and went on
from there!
I added the rhinestone crown & glitter accents
to make this cute little plaque.
But, a little package of tissues caught my
eye ...hmmm...cute design, what can I do
with that??? I wanted to decoupage a flower
pot, but the tissue was too small.
So, I got a brilliant idea...
I decoupaged another plaque!
I love how it turned out, although I have
no idea what to use it for...but I will think
of something... IDEAS?? And I have
others that I think I will decoupage too!
Again, I will end with Kari & Kijsa's tribute,
The Fabulous Flag Flying Fourth!!!!!!

Forever in PEACE may She wave!


  1. Hello M
    Thank you for your visit and kind words..
    I am very taken with your decoupage plaque... clever clever... might have to get the glue and tissue paper out today but I am sure my efforts will not look anywhere as pretty as yours..


  2. I love these. I've got a great idea for them.

    Plant tags. How beautiful would these look with a plant name on them in the garden? Love them...

    xo Cathy

  3. Little Mr. and Little Missy are so cute! and I love your pink plaques... pink and white are my favorite colors.... why do I always dress all in black then? Go figure!

    Have a lovey day preciosa!

    Cielito lindo.... :)

  4. LOL! Funny story! I would SO have done the same thing ~ seems whenever I go out w/o makeup or fixing my hair, I will see someone like that......
    You still got some cute stuff! :)

  5. Those turned out really cute. I have run out quickly to grab something looking pretty scary, not good.


  6. You are hilarious!! LOL I'd love to see the security camera video, too! ha ha!! But see - there was a reason it happened - look at those great plaques you found! Very creative - love them!!!...Donna

  7. ha ha! Great visual on you skulking down the aisles to avoid Persons From Your Past. Hmmmm, was it a shady past???

    The decoupaged applique is DY-NO-MITE! Fabulous!

  8. Hey "M"...
    You make me laugh... I can just see you at Michaels... sounds like a movie and I picture Meg Ryan playing you.... love love the PINK shells... why didn't I think of that.....did you drill a hole to hang them? So inspiring.... and so fun... that our "M"

  9. Oh, how I love decoupage! But there is nothing I love more than humor. Of which, girl, you have aplenty! I laughed so hard on this post I nearly cried!

  10. Oh my gosh! I bought those same applique things at Michaels too!!! I think I'm going to put mine on my bathroom cabinets.

    The guy from high school cracked me up. I went to my 25 year high school reunion awhile back (okay it was 5 years ago) and ended up getting asked out by this guy I had a huge crush on in high school. He was the hunky football player back then and still looked great even after 25 years. The problem was his mind didn't grow in 25 years. It was like dating a 17 year old boy! I knew that when he fixed me a cocktail with Gatorade & Vodka! Yuck!

  11. How beautiful love the whole post including the kittie and i would keep her too

  12. Your kitties are so darling!!!

  13. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I once went into thrift shop and saw a table I wanted to buy and got a price from the guy. I must have looked particularly terrible that day because when I came back the next day he didn't believe I was the same person with makeup. I literally had to convince him. He must not have wanted to sell that table very bad! Can you tell me where you got that great tissue. I LOVE it. By the way, I live in Riverside, but we love OC!


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