May 15, 2009

Such A Pretty Postcard...

Marie Reed is hosting
so I thought I join in! This will the prefect
thing to make me gather, dust off and
just plain remember all the postcards
I have stashed in various "safe places"!

I have been collecting vintage postcards for
a million years...I always tell myself that I
am buying them the USE!!

To make something really neat...but that was
just a big fat lie! Only recently have I been
able to use a few a gift tags...they are like
children, so hard to part with!!

I have some for every season & occasion, so
I do use them for decorations and I have a few,
that I really love, out all the time (although
they had to be put "up high" since the furry
monster came to live with me!).

I may not be able to bring myself to part
with my postcards...but I did scan these
for anyone who might want to use them
for a crafty project!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your vintage postcards with us. They are beautiful! Have a nice Sunday! Twyla

  2. Beautiful cards! Love your stuff and your blog!

  3. I have the same problem buying vintage postcards and paper. I want to cut them and turn them into something beautiful. I just can't make myself use them. You have a beautiful collection!

  4. When I first got here I am scanning down thru your post thinking how much I love your old postcards and what a great pink Saturday post...not...this is your Sunday post. LOL...And you were so sweet give us a change to grab a copy which I did ...thank you very much. ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn

  5. They are beautiful! And I know just what you mean! I have tons of vintage greeting cards and just cant seem to part with them either, unless they are scanned, lol!


  6. Oh I have the same problem with postcards and especially pretty greeting cards. I have so many greeting cards and just recently went through them and took some of the cards to a place in Mich where they recycle. Teachers buy them for school projects and such. But postcards are different. I have many old beautiful ones from my aunt & uncle that traveled to all 52 states. So hard to get rid of any.
    I love your vintage postcards. They look so pretty framed!
    Hugs, Sherry

  7. Just beautiful! love the bluebirds! t.x

  8. I love all these old postcards. I can't resist them either!

  9. Ohhh thanks M.... I love the one with the bible verse and the one with blue bird.... don't part with them they are just glorious.... you need them really you do..

  10. oh, your postcards are just gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing:)

  11. Beautiful cards. thank you for sharing.


  12. Oh I LOVE that bluebird card...beautiful!

  13. I love vintage postcards too! Aren't they fun? I have some tucked here an dthere and the rest are in a basket on the family room side table.
    I loved seeing yours!

    Have a sweet week!


  14. Lovely vintage postcards!
    Thanks for sharing them with us

  15. Thanks for your visit, glad you enjoyed the flowers. Your vintage post card collection is absolutely wonderful. You have quite a grouping, I know they can be hard to find at times...ENJOY YOUR COLLECTION>

  16. I totally hear ya. I can't seem to cut the few I have. Thanks for sharing the scans. I'm gonna have to use the one with the pink roses. It's so pretty! Thanks!!!

  17. I have vintage greeting cards that use to belong to my mother. I found 6 boxes of them when we cleaned out the house. I just love looking at them. They are to me better that what we get now.

    You gave me an idea to frame some.


  18. I DO NOT think I would part with those. You know you'll just end up regretting it. That's what always happens to me anyway!

  19. Those are some really dreamy postcards. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Oh, so pretty! Thank you so much for taking the time to scan some. I collect a few for holidays and such. I love when they've actaully been used.

  21. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. About the baksets, my hubby got those for me (15th anniversary!)in one of those subscriptins. So I got one every other month for a year and then got the shelf with the last one. They are made by the Bradford Basket Co and are minis. I also have some Longaberger & Peterboro, but am not actively collecting them since my house if bursting at the seams! LOL!
    Please come visit me again! I am adding you to my list.

  22. Your vintage postcard collection is wonderful! Thanks for sharing them, I have enjoyed looking at them!

  23. Your are so funny! You make me laugh!--your little match box thingie turned out beautifully!



  24. I love vintage postcards too and have a small collection of them. I love the Santa Ones and Valentine ones the most.

    I love your little matchbook covers. Do you sell them? They would be perfect to go with a candle as a gift.


  25. Beautiful cards!!! I understand not wanting to use them. I often scan mine to use in artwork but save the originals.

  26. I so happy that you joined! I'm clapping and jumping for joy! TYour postcards are just beutifulll.. so dainty and feminine! I like that you have to hide them from the furry monster;) I'm going to scroll through your blog to see if I can find a picture of him!

  27. Agreed; they are very hard to part with. That's why I could never be in the vintage postcard business!

  28. I buy Birthday and Sister cards to send to my sister. I keep some of my favorite birthday cards for myself. One thing you can do is print the scanned cards you want to keep on cardstock. I use the kind that they sell in office supply stores and fold in half after printing. Sometimes I print inside, but you can also leave the inside blank.

  29. Hi
    Happy PFF.
    Happy to find out I am in good company.
    Parting with the many cards I have stashed for projects is not going to happen any time soon.
    I always get detoured when going through them and have so much fun they go back into their special box for another day.
    Blessings of joy to you
    for the weekend.

  30. Love your postcards. I've got a few that I keep in my china cabinet to brighten things up a bit.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  31. Thank you so much for sharing these, so kind of you!


  32. Wonderful cards! I'm like you...I always have a hard time parting with postcards I buy. I buy them with the intention of sending them, but then I always want to keep them. So, now, I just buy extra! :)

  33. What beautiful sometimes exquisite postcards you have here.

    Thank you so much for sharing them.

  34. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful postcards. They are all awesome, I can't pick a favorite!
    I found you through Marie's Pastcard blog but I have yet to sign up for it. I think I must!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  35. Oh, thank you for sharing those beautiful cards with us and for giving us the chance to use them too. I haven't seen some of these. You've got a good eye for vintage and I appreciate it. xxoo


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