July 14, 2008

Possibly only a venial sin?

Yipee! The old Blogger beast has decided to be nice

So, I was looking at the last issue of Romantic
Homes (not the new one...I'm forever a day late
and a dollar short...and don't usually have the
"current"issue when it's still "current"...oh well.)
Anyway, I noticed this table that had been
painted white...very cute & somehow familiar!
(I'm not sure if it's a venial sin or an actual felony
to use that picture???)

Ah-ha! The Peanut table!!!! I have a very
similar table!!! My sister bought it from our
old boss who had inherited it from his great
aunt, and being the clever little things that we
are...a-hem... and since it's shaped like a peanut,
it has always been called "The Peanut Table"...
(no, no, don't be intimidated...it takes many years
of training and a bit of wine to be this witty...
or to think you are witty ;}

But I digress, Bee is still not so sure that she wants
the table to be painted white...she has issues that
we don't discuss in public...so, I had to take matters
into my own hands! To lighten it up, I cut out a piece
of really cute wrapping paper in shades of pink (how
shocking!) and ivory. (The paper actually says
"Happy Birthday" on it in very small script...but no
one I know can see stuff that small anymore, so what
the heck!). No, it's not the shabbiest of shabby chic-ness,
but it works for now and I really like the combination of
the dark & light !!!
And this is just an example of how I have trained me angel,
Sammy, to pose in the best possible light and setting, to
help mommy take pretty pictures! :)

Have a great day!!


  1. I love the peanut table! I have never seen one like that! And how clever to use wrapping paper, I love it!

    What a cute picture of your precious baby too!!


  2. Wow, thats an unusual table, I like it! Great pic of the catty too!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. How unusual is that! It looks great!

  4. Oh my Gosh ~what a wonderful table ! And kitten :)
    crystal :)

  5. That's a gorgeous table but I think I have to agree with sis on this one and not paint it white. Did I miss you for Pink Saturday. I am so sorry if I did. I'll comment now. :)

  6. OMG, it IS the same table! I love it. In this case I would have to say it WOULD be a sin to paint it. The finish is gorgeous, and the inlay.
    Don't get me wrong, I've painted my fair share of antiques. But this one is much too grand!


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