July 10, 2008

New Addition...& SKY WATCH FRIDAY...

This is Bee's new addition...Sabrina Nicole
(more commonly known as Brini Rat Dog)
She was adopted from
Little Bow Wows Rescue

This little beast won the lottery!
She is a sassy little monster and she is covered
in pink from morning 'til night!!!!

OK, this is a bit random, but it made me laugh
when I saw my desk drawer this morning!!
I saw this cute craft in one of my myriad magazines
that requires toilet paper rolls(is this indelicate?
should I consult Emily Post?) So, I noticed that
the rolls at work were particularly sturdy...
(industrial strength, you know!) So, I put little
signs in each stall (ONLY THE GIRLS!) to
please bring me the empty rolls.... :)
This is what I will have to work with this
weekend...ahhhhhhhhh, team work!

Big sis, Kae spent a more-than-pleasant week
on Peter Island a couple months ago. And the
pictures she brought back were amazing!
So, I thought I'd share the Peter Island Sky
with you all this week!

Have an awesome weekend!!
And Happy B-day JoJo!!!


  1. Sabrina did hit the lottery! Love the outfit! I can't wait to see what you are going to do with TP rolls! Maybe I should start saving mine????

  2. Great sky shots. I especially like the last one with the rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds. For my post I chose a foggy day. I invite you to come see my fog bow. - Margy

  3. Sabrina reminds me of Bowser in Legally Blonde, all in pink! Yes that is Shelley china I have. I got it a long time ago and I'm glad I have it because I certainly couldn't afford to buy it now.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. Hola señorita de “los ojos color café”.... La canción en español dice así: "Que linda es... uhhhh uhhh, que linda es, cuando ella me miró me enamore, lalalala, alalalal, lalalal!!!"....

    Un beso

    Cielo - la chica de los ojos color cafe....

  5. What beautiful skies - how I wish I could see some sky like that!

  6. You know I'm a nut for a mutt! And you really couldn't even call that beauty in pink that "indelicate" a name! She's gorgeous. Makes me miss my Pepper that had her eyes. Been gone more than two years now. But I visit his memorial garden in the yard every day.

  7. Please share your craft with us???? Have a great weekend....Mary

  8. What a sweet precious puppy!!! She is smiling in the pic!!! Too cute!!


  9. What a cutie! I'm sure she is loving all the attention and love she's getting now!
    TP rolls? I'll be checking back to see what you create!
    Hugs, Sherry

  10. BRD is just gorgeous!!! So happy Bee got her from a rescue group - that is so wonderful of her to do!! Lucky Sabrina! Lucky (wonderful) Bee!!!
    Can't wait to see the tp project!!
    BEAUTIFUL sky photos!!!...Donna

  11. Oh your new little fur niece is darling! She is one lucky little lady.

    Your sky photos are beautiful.

    Hey, I'm saving TP rolls too. I'm going to make Hallowween crackers out them. What are you making?



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