June 9, 2011

Meet Minnie....

Little Miss Stephanie is hosting her annual To Have And To Hold Party
and I told her that I have next to nothing in the wedding department...so,
I hope she doesn't want to cover me in honey and pour fire ants on me...
but I am resurrecting an old wedding related post from many moons
The pictures are ghastly...I'd-edit them if I could...but I no longer have them...
I did enlarge them...which, on second look...might not have been the best
but, I still like my story...and I find myself waxing nostalgic...all sentimentality...
wondering how Minnie and her man have weathered these past few years...
the recession...poor guy worked for Lehman Brothers...and well, you know...
Ok...I'm getting out of the way now!

So, let me introduce you to my diminutive friend,
the newly married Mrs. Minnie Smalls-Littleton.
Her off-the-shoulder bridal gown was made from
the finest Spanish lace handmade in the small town
of Piqueña...where else?! (In reality...it's one tier
from a skirt I bought at JC Penney a million years
But I digress...Minnie's tiny waist was accented by
mother of pearl accents romantically shaped like
hearts in keeping with her beachy OC theme.

Minnie decided to go with a full flowing skirt, since
she knew herself to be a "stress eater" and was not
about to wear a Spanx to hide to pre-wedding 10
pounds she knew she would gain!
The layers of pink tulle underneath provided
both a fullness and camouflage that Minnie truly
appreciated on the "big day"!

The miles of lace were gathered behind Minnie
with another MOP heart adornment to create
a bustle-like effect that flowed into a dramatic
train that even Princess Di would have envied!

Her charming little bouquet...

Tucked inside her bouquet were a piece of beach
glass, a mop heart & a shell...all souvenirs collected
on long romantic sunset strolls with Mr. Littleton.

Her custom made earrings...
Her glittery garter.....

And hiding underneath that classic gown...to Mother
Littleton's shock & horror...Minnie produced a pair
of hot pink flip flops...like they say, "You can take
the girl out of California, but you can't take that
California out of the girl!". ;)


  1. tiffany~shabbyscrapsJuly 31, 2008 at 10:26 PM

    Oh Mrs Minnie, you are truly one of a kind! I hear you girl about being a stress eater and putting on your spanx!
    Thanks for showing the world, and especially my dear sweet husband that I am NOT insane!!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  2. So cute! I enjoyed seeing all the little creations!

  3. ooohhhhh! i love this...sooo pretty and the hot pink flip flops at the end made me giggle :) such a cute story.
    Have a great weekend
    Love Kristina x

  4. LOL! How cute is that? Very creative! You did a great job!

  5. What a fabulous post. I love your form. She's a girl after my own heart with her pink flip flops. I just found out about the "show me your form" day so I missed out on the sign up....but maybe next time. Glad you are safe and sound from the quake...goodness!

  6. What fun! I can't blame Minnie for her flip flops. Even Florida gals understand that part ;-) Beautiful togs, Minnie!

  7. That is beautiful! And the flip flops are too cute!

  8. Well,Mrs. Minnie is a beautiful bride... great dress...lovely details!

  9. Oh how I loved your post. Now this is true--my maiden name was Small and I have lived near, worked with and even dated a Little. But even more than the names, I appreciate all the beautiful work that went into your oh-so-petite beauty.

  10. How cute. I never thought to use a tiny dress form I have a miniature one that's a jewelry catchall.
    What a cute post.

  11. Minnie is just ad.or.a.ble!! I love all things tiny, and she is the belle of the ball!

  12. Love the sweet tiny Minnie. Just darling! ~Martha

  13. Oh my goodness, she is so lovely!
    Precious. Precious.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet one with us.

  14. Minnie Smalls is spectacular!
    I love your banner too on your blog!
    Have a great day,

  15. What a darling post & such a sweet dressform you've created! I really smiled & giggled thru this entire post!

    So glad your family & home are safe. Sorry a few things were broken, tho.

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  16. oh she is sooo very lovely !!! so incredible !!

  17. Oh, the divine Miss M -- both you AND Minnie! What a wonderful tale you wove.

    So glad to hear you survived your shake-n-rattle relatively unscathed. Looks like another piece for the mosaic pile in there. :-((( Glad your precious Grandma's lamp survived - WHEW!

    Loved your Minnie!!

  18. Oh, Mrs. Minnie is beautiful in her gown! I bet the wedding was just as gorgeous!

  19. She's darling! I enjoyed looking at your attention to detail!

  20. Minnie is tre chic! Garter, lol! That lace is gorgeous~

  21. Super cute, she is! Love her flip flops too.

  22. Your Mrs. Minnie is adorable! And her accessories! Just fantastic!


  23. Oh, how cute. Thanks for sharing the cute creations. Karie

  24. Love your pink flip flops and dress form :)

  25. Miss Minnie is such a lucky girl!

  26. Love your wedding creations! Really cute!


  27. Too durn cute, Miss Minnie! Love those pink flip flops, a girl of my heart. How creative you are. Love this write ...
    TTFN ~

  28. such a fun post!
    many blessings!

  29. What a fun post! Love the flip flops!

  30. So cute! Love the flip flops!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  31. Dear M, I just KNEW you would come up with something adorable (or outrageous!) one!! Love this sweet fun post ~ sounds like the lady that described my wedding gown while Mother hurriedly wrote it down for the newspaper ~ pretentious, much?!? Such a sweet "Minnie" creation and such attention to details, shoot, I think you could do this in REAL life, maybe even from the sofa!!!

    Love it and Love You for adding such fun and whimsey to the Wedding Blog Party! My out-of-town relatives are now gone so I can devote all this next week to visiting and revisiting all the lovely wedding posts!! I'm just in heaven!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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