July 28, 2008


Finally got around to painting the frames I
bought several weeks ago that I showed
in a previous post (didn't want to make you look
at all those pictures again!) and a few others...
I have an idea for them...as I have been saying
FOREVER! I just haven't done it yet since I'm
afraid that it won't turn out the way I see it in
my head. I'm getting close though...maybe

The before.....

My design team (although I have never seen
the ones on HGTV run all around, throw each
other through the air and knock things over...
but you never know...that might be a new show
this season?!)

The after...

Hi mom!

I was using my window sheer as a lighting filter
and someone assumed it was purely for his
amusement...yah, well, I laughed pretty hard
so, he's partly right! :)


  1. Your frames came out wonderful !!! There is something about old frames painted white that I just love !

    Your helper is a cutie !

  2. Those look gorgeous! Don't forget to post pictures of them hanging with the pictures/paintings inside them! They are going to look beautiful on your walls!

  3. Wow...those are so gorgeous!! I just love how white paint brings out the ornate detail.

  4. What a magical transformation a fresh coat of paint made on those frames. Your kitty cats are absolutely adorable...I'm jealous..I want one! Waah! Too cute!

  5. OMG those frames make my mouth water. I love white frames, can't get enough and you did such an amazing job on them.....are they for sale???? Tee hee......

    Debbie Kay

  6. Love all the frames! And it looks like you have your kitties' approval too!

  7. What are you (and the helpers:-) going to do with the frames? I love the way that they turned out! ~XO~ Janet

  8. It always amazes me how much a little paint can change and improve upon something. They look meow-velous. (okay, that was cheesy!) lol!

  9. Very nice! It's amazing what a little paint can do!

  10. The frames are great.... but your design team is the cutest team I have seen... and funny too....

  11. Kitty and frames are BOTH darling!! I want those frames - I'm definitely going to have to look around for some big ones!!...Donna

  12. These turned out beautiful!
    I just love your kitty pictures. My kitty is always supposing something is for him. He's a hoot!


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