July 2, 2008

The Emblem of the Land I LOVE...and some questions answered!

So, as you all MUST know,
are honoring us all by hosting
And we are very honored to take part!!!!!
But we had to start on Monday to get
all our
pictures in!!!

current post is truly
Go check it out!!!

I have a friend who is about as patriot as you
can get (I almost hesitate to use that word as
it has become somewhat of a pejorative
lately...but he will take it as the high praise
it is intended to be!).
He keeps this little beauty in his office......
Yep! The entire wall! Kind cool, huh?
We know God has blessed America and we
pray He will continue to. We never forget
how blessed we are to have been born in the

Bee's home....

Kae's home...


This server is from customcozies.com
and believe you me, it's not the only cute
thing they carry!

This shell swag is from Oriental Trading Co.
my favorite place for tacky...and not so tacky
stuff!!!! I painted and glittered them though!!
And, I mix my own "pink", that's why it
always looks different...because it is. :)

This is actually wall paper, not bead board...but
what a cool idea!!! Pink bead board!

Yes, we are truly-live sisters, the same DNA
and all (but I am the cutest...don't tell my sister
I said that!).No, not for sale...I think I'll keep this little
monster! ( his tummy is really soft!)
OK, I know my last few posts have been
irritatingly LONG! But one last thing...
I had an amazing response to my June 17
post, so, I just want to let everyone know
that if you are having a GIVEAWAY or
know of someone who is...please just
"comment" and I will add you to my
sidebar to get the word out! The same
goes for "EVENTS" whether they are
weekly or special, just leave me a
"comment" and I will keep you listed for the
duration of your event!!!!
I hope this will keep more of us aware of
all the fun things that are going on in
blog land that we don't want to miss!!!
FYI: Joanne at

keeps a list as well, check it out!

Have a FUN & SAFE long weekend!!!!
And Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi M~
    I love that you mix your own pink (and that glitter is great also).

    Happy Independence Day to you too!


  2. What a great post! Hope you have a happy 4th of July.
    xo Lidy

  3. Thanks for your comment! Happy 4th to you as well... loved your pictures. I will be checking back for the linkies to other blogging events!


  4. Happy 4th! and I'll have to check back often to keep up with your list of events.

  5. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by - you are right, flags do make anyone's home look presidential (maybe that's why we like them so much!), anyway - your flag pictures are darling - love the one with multiple flags hanging - talk about a patriotic statement!
    Have a great 4th!
    Karla & Karrie

  6. Great photos! I love the red, white and blue flowers. I usually always have one planter like that and didn't get around to it this year.
    I would've never guessed those shells came from OT! And I love your new plaques from Michaels too.

  7. Happy Independence Day to you and your family.

  8. Your flag display and other pics are great! I just love your blog and have enjoyed my visit. So nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by mine. I love all your pink too!! See you again soon!
    Have a happy and safe 4th!
    la rea rose

  9. Oh what a wonderful PATRIOTIC post. I'm not afraid of that word
    I love the rest of the stuff you showed, too, especially that marvelous server...yum!

  10. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I enjoyed your flag post. The pictures are beautiful!
    Have an enjoyable fourth of July weekend.

  11. I absolutely love reading your blog and getting in on all your commotion!!! Smile, I am sure it would be fun if we could all meet, laught and show pictures, how fun that would be!
    Anyhooooo, I am having a post wedding bits and pieces give away till July 10th or 11th. Mostly wedding fabric, buttoms, trim, etc. Thanks so much for being a great hostess. Debbie
    PS. You know now that I think of it, so many read your blog you could host a picture party, or theme party, or idea party, the list goes on. We all love your blog and ideas!!!

  12. What a fabulous flag-flying wall!! Loved all the homes and their festive decorations as well- This was a great visit on the parade (and that server is fabulous too!!!)
    Thanks for joining the parade!

    Happy Independence Day,
    kari & kijsa

  13. Hi M :)

    Your posts may be long, but I love them, so keep on doing em that way :)

    Happy 4th of July to you!!

    Rue :)

  14. M: Flag those flags high in the Sky, happy 4TH.

  15. Those PINK seashells are SO FUN!


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