February 11, 2009

Love Of The White Room....

This evening we will be visiting Kae's White Room...
follow me!

She had a little bits of ideas about the room she
wanted, but wouldn't begin the transformation until
she had the full picture planned out. Which began
with bead board...and hundreds of millions of teeny
tiny nails holes being filled!!!! But it looks awesome!

After that...the fun stuff!!!!!
This cute little side board came from Cottage White,
a very reasonable and darling white, white, white
shop in Sunset Beach.
(she is single handedly keeping them in business!).

The candle sticks were a really gross color, the detail
was completely lost, but the white paint brought them
to life!
The light in this corner (and my limited photography
skills) made taking a decent picture nearly impossible,
sorry about that.
It makes a nice picture though........

The wing back chairs were blue, but she had linen
slip covers made for them and the couch, at Full
Bloom, a shop that does really nice upholstery.

Ohhhhh, what's next.....

The other wing back chair, and a bit of fun in
the chandelier.

Another Cottage White piece, her china cabinet.
She likes to keep it simple and all white so she
can change out the accessories with each season
or holiday. (why she still has "Valentine-y" stuff
hanging around, is something left to Mr. Freud,
but please do leave harassing comments so that
she will hurry up and put out her "beachy" aqua
details! for Summer!).
A favorite piece...her Christie Repasy tray! YUM!
(Way to go husband! He had it hidden in the garage
for ages...kind of near the cat box...she never found
it and was very surprised!).

The Christmas clock...and the linen covered couch.
(That couch has lived 1000 lives, poor thing, and
yet looks pretty darn cute!).

A bit of perspective...

Although it took a few years to come to fruition,
the White Room was well worth wait! And pretty
darn brazen for someone with 3 sons!!!!!! For many
years, this was the room that no one went into...
kinda small and dark...the room were the fort could
be built and science projects grew on the coffee table
and home work was done...
My how things have changed!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! what a wonderful job was done on this gorgeous room. makes it so sweet and serene!!
    You have a gorgeous blog!! Im coming back realy soon!!

  2. cute, cute, of course I love it, I love white!

  3. I started putting together a white room at the lake, over last weekend. I've wanted to do something like that for quite awhile. It all began, when we won a mattress set!! Funny how I come up with decorating redo ideas, when something like that happens!

    I love all these photos..great inspiration!

    Thank you for leaving the "clean" comment. I had to chuckle when I read it! Actually, I did have another one of those very long, drawn out, not so nice comments while we were away..so guess I'll keep the ol' comment moderation activated awhile longer!


  4. Oh my - what a wonderful room! Love it.

  5. What a gorgeous, peaceful room! I bet you'll visit often.

    ADORE your kitty helper, too. Aren't they wonderful? And so fun. I always say, who needs television when you have cats?

  6. It was worth the wait. It looks fabulous.

  7. Lovely Just beautiful..You are so great at decorating(:) I gave you an AWARD come an get it (:) Hugs Patty

  8. Beautiful and very brave too.
    Maybe someday I will have a white room. Not as long as I have a daycare though! I can't even keep a white shirt, white! LOL

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh, I love this room.
    I could never have a room that was all white. At least not until there is no husband, no kids and no dog and it was just me. Well, I guess I could have a white room....at the asylum!

    Thanks so much for sharing these pics.


  10. Hello...i love your white room,and the beautifulpictures ...here on my cottage are the rooms white and pink ,too!
    Belinda from rose Cottage

  11. Ahhhh, I love all this white with a touch of pink, of course pink is my color. Your blog is lovely, I alway enjoy my visits. Hugs, RoseMarie

  12. WooHoo....I am hearting those white wing back chairs. They are gorgeous!

  13. What a beautiful room - I love the wing back chairs with the pink trimmed heart pillow - so precious!!

  14. Your white room is awesome! I love everything! You have a great sense of detail. It's very inviting and soft looking. Great decorating!
    Hugs, Sherry

  15. OMG!! I just bumped into you blog! I absolutely love it!!

  16. Oh how pretty, so fresh, so peaceful, so, well, so pretty!

    I love it...


  17. Oh my gosh I love love love love love this white room, seriously love it. i need to do this, it's so inspiring!

  18. What an absolutely beautiful, feminine, cool, delightful white room!

  19. Hello, i vill thank you for your visit on my blog.It vas a very nice room i love white colors and in my home is almost all white and its so peaceful.
    Hugs/Ingela in Sweden

  20. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! It gives me inspiration to do just one room in my house just for me. Knowing that she has 3 boys is an inspiration to me who had thought that because of 2 boys I should not have a white room!!!

  21. Kae's white room is so beautiful. i LOVE the china cabinet and everything else for that matter!

  22. This is sooo sweeet.. Soo Relaxing and dreamy looking.. PERFECT !!!
    Hugs ~tea girl~

  23. It's beautiful! I love the slipcovers! I need to find someone here to do mine!

  24. Be still my heart - white on white done to perfection! Now you need to lay off poor Kae! It isn't even Valentine's day and you're after her to get rid of all those pretty shabby colors (well, in your defense it's in favor of some equally fantatic shabby colors!) I absolutely love it all, and I would also be keeping Cottage White in business if I lived out there! Your photography skills are fantastic - that corner photo of the lace sheers and shadows... gorgeous! And I enlarged the photo to see the details of the candlesticks - they are SO pretty! I just love every single bit of it! (And we have the same beadboard in our dining room - I understand the grueling task of filling nail holes!)... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage


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