June 5, 2008

A Tale of Toile...

Bee, is now, and has aways been, into the French
influence. Thus her "thing" for toile...but it better be

Who doesn't love pouring over each new Ballard Designs
catalog? And who doesn't think to them self, "Sweet mother
of pearl! I can make that myself for a fraction of the cost!"
Well, we do and we did!
We "ooohhed & aaahed" over their memory boards, whilst
we "gasped & choked" over the prices!!!!'
'Sooo', we thought one fine day, 'we can steal, uh, I
mean use this idea as an inspiration for our memory
board'. Big Lots always has really big nasty pictures...
with cool frames. So, a $25 picture, some left over
fabric, a bit of batting and , "Viola"!

Of course, it isn't always this naked, but it had to
be stripped in order to see it's details. (The sons/
nephews got to stay since their hockey sweaters
are RED!)

The frame was spray painted white. And the toile
background fabric & check fabric we used to cover
the buttons, are remnants from Bee's front room
chairs and pillows.
We were pretty darn pleased with the way it turned
out! And the price didn't leave us seeing "RED"!

Hurry over to PRETTY ORGANIZED PALACE for more "toile-y wallie doddle lolly day"!


  1. That looks great! I just got a Ballard Designs catalog in the mail today! I decided to read blogs tonight nstead of it though.

  2. Oh that is beautiful! I just love toile :) Pink and white for me, lolol!!


  3. I love it. So beautiful. You did a wonderful job.


  4. So glad you visited me. Come again soon.

    I love your memory board - I have one I am trying to work on now. Great inspiration.

    So glad you found me and I found your blog. Can't wait to look around your blog some more!!!

    Robin/Southern Bella

  5. Great job. It looks wonderful. And, I especially love that B.

  6. You girls are a talented bunch...I love that memory board. Toile is a favorite of mine. I love the black but a punch of red is spicy :0)
    You guys should really sell your stuff!

  7. this is way cool! - i think i only get those catalogs for "inspiration" - i can't remember the last time i ordered anything, lol!

  8. Oh, you did an absolutely fantastic job! I love Ballards, but can't see myself buying all those expensive things. My husband ordered something once. But you out did yourself with that. I'm impressed!

  9. I pleased with the way it turned out as well.
    It's fun to create things you love and to duplicate.
    Great job.


  10. What a neat project thanks :) Will have to check out the frames at Big lots :)
    Your bunny tassel , is on it's way to you :)
    Have a happy weekend :)
    crystal :)

  11. I have some of that same toile framed in black frames I got from a garage sale - I love it....I think it is the same - I have it posted on my blog.

  12. Hi, thanks for visiting me! These are beautiful!!!

  13. Darn, I want a Big Lots near me!! What a great idea!!!!! That is a gorgeous frame, and paired with that red toile - oooh la la!!!! Love that you let the boys stay since they are dressed in red hockey shirts! As always, a smile/chuckle always crosses my lips when I read your blog! ha ha!! P.S. - Love that B!!!...Donna

  14. My fave catalog in the whole world, I love their color schemes and room designs!

  15. What a great memo board. I love to turn useful things into pretty things! Thanks for sharing.

  16. You did a great job! It's beautiful!

  17. What a wonderful job you did! Love the red and white. Very sharp! Thanks for sharing.


  18. I'm loving all the toile!! It's great to see how everyone is using toile in their homes. The memo board turned out fabulous. I just got my first Ballard's catalog. You are right about the prices, but it is great for inspiration, aka: stealing ideas.

  19. That's beautiful! Now I'm thinking I need to frame MY toile board. :)


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