January 21, 2010

Completely Selfish West Coast Post!

For those of you who have not seen the sun for a week and want to send this bratty El Nino
to his room already! I thought I'd share a bit of pretty, green & dry outdoorsiness!

First Bee's garden....

Everyone enjoys Bee's beautiful backyard!

What's a garden without roses???
The entire side of the yard was just replanted
and is quite "Disneyland" like!!

But poor "Hula Girl" had to go to hibiscus heaven to
accommodate the new look...RIP.

Now, on to Kae's garden....

Sweet peas and birds and ferns abound! And aside
from the 100 degree weather...it's just like England. :)

Yes, the table is always set with chintz & strawberries! ;}

Wade on over to Cindy's for more SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY !

(Now back to the thunder, lightening & hail!


  1. What beautiful gardens.

    What do you mean you have no garden? Everyone can have a garden. I lived in a tiny apt once and only had a tiny balcony but I still had it full of pots and flowers.

    Even if you just have a step you could put a plant. So go out there and get yourself a pot and some flowers and start your new garden.


  2. What beautiful gardens! I love the gazebo and arbor :) Your bouquet is beautiful!


  3. You girls have an eye for beautiful things. As always, everything is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved your beautiful bouquet!! And the gardens were a delight. Hope you can come visit me before the storm rolls in. xo Lynn

  5. But you had such fine photos! Makes up for it. They are all beautiful. Cozy. Feminine. Makes me want to come visit and have a tall glass of iced tea!

  6. I love your beautiful garden!
    Amazing place!

  7. Hola M
    Beautiful gardens!!!
    I am in love with those chairs and their pillows...
    I don't have a garden either :(
    Hugs and have a wonderful weekend

  8. Gorgeous garden pictures! I'm looking forward to our recipe swap on the 30th:>)

  9. It's all so beautiful! I especially like the pink watering can with roses....

  10. So pretty! I have been a florist for along time and i absolutely LOVE flowers all the time!!! I love your garden, I posted some of my pink roses, we have had so much rain here..the rest of my garden is rreallyy shabby!

  11. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, im really enjoying it. WHAT WONDERFUL GARDEN, SO CUTE! see you!

  12. Hello, Thank you so much for coming by my blog to view my garden. You have a lovely garden. I love your garden ornaments too. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. The gardens are beautiful as well as your lovely bouquet.

  14. I loved the two gardens, and your lovely bouquet. So beautiful, thanks for sharing.


  15. Those are some pretty, pretty gardens! Yep ahuh. I on the other hand am no green thumb. Nope not at all. lol Hope you have a great week sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  16. What beautiful gardens, even if you haven't got a garden at least you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers to admire.
    Cheers Linda

  17. Thank you for participating in our party and for sharing your cozy and beautiful sanctuary with all of us.... What a delightful occasion that was!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so (Joseph Joubert)


  18. I so enjoyed the walk through your beautiful garden. What a lovely place to dream and read a good book with a tall glass of tea..........that is what your garden said to me.

  19. Wow, what beautiful gardens from the roses to the gazebo view from under the gentle arch of an arbor. So peaceful looking like the water feature. Both gardens look like such pleasant places to visit.

  20. oooh i dont know what to comment on first! Everything is so beautiful ! The colour, the roses, the cosy chairs,the pink watering can, EVERYTHING is how it should be and how id love my garden to look some day! Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous piccies with us sweetpea!
    Now im feeling quite like popping up to the nursery to buy some pretty plants for myself....


  21. Oh, how lovely all the gardens are!! And I loved the squirrel on the (sprinkler?)... Your bouquet is beautiful, M!...Donna

  22. Beautiful bouquet and lovely gardens!


  23. I love the 3-tiered planter in the first photo!!!

  24. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed seeing all the gardens you posted!

    Your blog is beautiful, I bookmarked it!


  25. M,

    Love, love it all. I have to have my garden in the front yard. My backyard is a mess.

    Stop by and enter my 100th post GIVEAWAY !!!


  26. I am in love! I don't have a garden yet either.. someday though! Until then, I can just drool over everyone else's!

  27. YOur photos are magnificent! I am going to snap the pattern of that pink watering can. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments...Pam

  28. All so beautiful!
    Thank you for visiting my blog ;-)

  29. Hi M :)

    Those garden's are gorgeous! I really missed having Hibiscus, until I found a variety that would grow here. Now I'm just waiting for a variety of Agapanthus ;) Oh and giant Oak trees LOL

    Beautiful flowers too!


  30. Hey thanks for stopping bye and your kind words! Seeing the beautiful gardens makes my heart pitter patter for Spring to come. :)

  31. Oh what beautiful gardens. *sigh*. I am gardenless as well but I have two decks I can make something out of! I know I can! :) I absolutely love that pink watering can!

  32. Thanks for visiting me and thank you for the inspiration... desperately needed it as I'm about to start on my new garden today.

  33. Thank you for posting those lovely garden pictures. It was just what this freezing gal in western Pennsylvania needed. Planting is soooo far away (we can't put plants out until June 1) so it was great looking at those pictures and dreaming of summer. Peggy from PA

  34. The pictures of the gardens are so beautiful. Yes, I can't wait, but it's a long time coming around here. So, I'll just continue living on my computer and passing the time away with my new found friends until winter is over. I loved the pictures, like a breath of fresh air!

  35. Thank you for stopping by. The flower photos are really pretty. I think everyone is wanting it to be spring.
    Roberta Anne

  36. gracias por el comentario ! lo aprecio mucho ! saludos desde argentina !!

  37. I know all about the Block! Some people seem to have no trouble in writing a new post every day! Wonderful, but I dont think my life is that interesting.
    Thank you for your visit. Your photos are a delight.

  38. Oh thank you for sharing with us. I am not encrusted in ice but I do love a beautiful garden to look at. These are lovely!
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  39. How lovely! Thanks for sharing, winter is getting dreary and it is nice to repose here with you!

  40. Oh I can smell the flowers..beautiful. We don't have harsh winters but by Jan. I'm longing for Spring!



  41. Beautiful gardens! Beautiful photos! Sally

  42. I love being inspired by beautiful gardens. Thanks for posting these awesome pics.

  43. What beautiful gardens. All together they make my dream garden.

  44. Gorgeous gardens! Please, will someone make it stop raining! Thanks for a little hope of spring, --Delores

  45. Stunning gardens! I certainly appreciated seeing the beautiful photos, it's still pouring buckets here...well more like the hoover dam spilling over the SF bay area!

    Love the beautiful arbor and the gazebo is heavenly!


  46. Pretty...oh so pretty!

    Ya, I think El Nino really put the hipper dipper to us all this year. The cold arctic even came as far south as the Texas Coast this year....bone chilling cold!!!

    My show n tell is nothing but January Clearance items that I found if you'd like to view them....


    Would really enjoy your company today if you have time to stop by.

  47. Just what I needed. Your lifting me out of winter dolldrums!

  48. Oh what lovely gardens and flowers. Thanks for sharing with us. HURRY UP Spring!!!!

  49. Thank you for refreshing my spirit today with these pictures. While our snow is beautiful, it can never be as beautiful as the blooms of Summer.

  50. We have patches of snow on the ground, and patches of dead weeds...her gardens look like heaven right now!! Envious, yes :)

  51. With the record foot of snow that has melted in my yard over the past 48 hours, my yard currently resembles a swamp (not to mention my kitchen floor thanks to my four legged family members) and these picture are a welcome mental escape! They are beautiful!


love to hear from you! ;}