June 7, 2008

Just a Dash of Cottage Red & An AWARD!!

Even in a white & buttery yellow bathroom, RED
can be just the thing to add a bit of pizazz!
A toile paper napkin turned this common terra
cotta pot into something not-so-common.
This bit of "red" was on the back of one sister's
bathroom door...no comment...

Thank you so much Patty from
for thinking of us with this award! We
are always amazed that anyone looks at our blog, let alone
wants to give us an award! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Make sure to visit Patty and see what a darling beauty
shop she has! There's nothing like that out here!


  1. Wow! A paper napkin was used on that pot??? It's darling! Thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful weekend. ~ xoxo Joy

  2. Is that a painting on your wall with the red bucket that's on the counter? Cool, cool! Blessings... Polly (p.s. Patty is wonderful, isn't she?!)

  3. Love that toile pot, and I won't ask about the animal skin. ;-)

  4. Great idea to use a napkin on a pot! Love the red touches! Tee hee on the leopard - but it has red, too! :)


  5. I love the pot! Did you decoupage the napkin to it? Beautiful!!


  6. all the pictures are beautiful and I especially like the toile pot!

  7. thanks for all the beautiful red - I love the terra cotta pot - if you did that - you need to show us how!! It is gorgeous!!!

  8. I love that red toile pot!! That was amazing!! I didn't know you could do that. I am going to try it, okay? But do I have to wear the Leopard skin top while creating it?? LOL just kidding! ;)
    Have a great day. I love love love your blog!!!


love to hear from you! ;}