June 10, 2008


Well, it wasn't really hooky...but I did take the
day off work, a rare occurrence for me, but, when
it's birthday time, I do! We always go to tea for
each of our birthdays...and throw in a little
shopping too! The big fat bummer was that
none of our tea shops seem to be open on
But we toughed it out, and spent the afternoon
touring all the shop in the Orange Circle.
I thought I might get to sleep in...but these two
made that impossible (This is the view from my
chin down, it's a good thing I'm not a petite, actually
I could fit 5 or 6 more cats...not like lions or tigers
though, just or standard house cats!)
Our first stop was this cut little shop called, Heavenly
Hostess. I wanted to take pictures, but I was too
chicken to ask...are people generally pretty nice about
Anyway, Bee & I(Kae has more restraint!) bought
these completely unnecessary, completely darling
tiny PINK scissors! Our knees just go weak at the
sight of pink!
We hit a couple more shops, then ended up at our old favorite
Country Roads, it's one those antique mall kind of places,
with stalls from lots of different vendors. We were lamenting
the fact that everyone always seems to find the BEST things
for so cheap...just not us...when I spied this....

It was $40 and it's not even plastic! Really heavy. The
sisters think I should leave it gold...hmmmmmm.....
Then, the next thing I knew, I saw this frame for $10!
It does have a chunk out of it...but after it's all nice and
white and hanging on the wall I envision an "artfully"
displayed piece of lace trailing over the edge to mask that
Then I found this picture...marked down from thirty-something...
to $5!!!!!!! Yeeehhhawww!
And then I found this...
I remember seeing something like this in one of the "cottage"
magazines that we get, and wondering where anyone would
ever find something like that? Hee Hee! It was $45 and I LOVE
Sorry, I didn't get pictures of what anyone else bought, since
I didn't think of doing this until after they had already gone.
And even though we didn't get our traditional birthday tea,
it was a fun day! For that B-day girl, Kae and us too!!


  1. You did really well! Were the shops in Old Town Orange? I keep trying to find places to go in the O.C. since there are not too many cool antique/thrift places in Riverside.

  2. Glad you played hooky and had a good day. Too bad you couldn't have tea but it looks like you filled your day with treasures. They are great. ~Adrienne~

  3. How special that you celebrate birthdays together.

    It looks and sounds as if you all were lucky ladies.

  4. Wow, I really love that first mirror. I would paint it white but then I paint everything white! They are all great finds! Lucky you! I'm going to an antique mall this weekend in Santa Cruz, I hope I have good luck like you!

  5. Love your kitty babies! Aren't our pet children so loving and loyal? You had a great haul, girl! Yes, I too can see a bit of lace trailing down so romantically!

  6. Great job!!! I have only had one place tell me I couldn't take pictures and that was because the manager wasn't there and they didn't know. Usually people are pretty nice - I just tell them I have a blog - and I would like to showcase their place - hey, free advertising.

  7. You did well my dear. The first one looks like gold leaf. Happy Birthday !


  8. Happy Birthday M!!!
    Feliz Cumpleaños!!!
    Have a wonderful week

  9. I love those frames! What a deal:>)

  10. WOW!! You got lucky! Everything is fabulous! It sounds like such a fun day too!


  11. What a wonderful day you had! I love your kitty alarm clock method for getting up in the morning. What sweet faces! And what great treasures you found on your shopping trip. I especially loved the gilded mirrors and frames. I replaced all our standard bathroom mirrors with large antique mirrors like that. They really are so charming and you got yours for great deal! Enjoy!!! ~ xoxo Joy


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