June 12, 2008

Finally...to Shades of Inspiration...

I was actually sitting at work today thinking,
'Hmmmm, what do I have that is green?'. I was
thinking about "home" type things, but as I
looked around my office I was surprised at
how many green things I use every day.
Yah, I know these shades of green aren't exactly
what you'd call "inspiring"...but, hey, that's my
world. I did come up with some better ideas when
I got home though...china.
I generally focus on the pink, but Bee loves the
green, so I thought I'd share some of her "verde".
Royal Winton, in all it's different hues and patterns
of green.
Bee's original favorite pattern, Marguerite by Shelley.
Extreme up-close of a Summertime Wedgewood plate.
A different use for the buffet marker.
Seashell nut dishes in Winton's Marion pattern. The
smaller one is only about 2 inches across! These shell
dishes are just the cutest things and unfortunately
hard to come by!


  1. Well, I love seeing all those pretty things in your home. Especially the gorgeous china! I'm going to look for that. Thanks for sharing. Makes my early morning to see such cozy things first thing with a cup of coffee!

  2. Me encanta tu coleccion de tasitas (teacups).... y todo lo demas... PRECIOSO!

    Hey, the house in the roses is having a garden party and would love you to particpate.... come see!


  3. Your china is gorgeous! I loved what you did with the buffet marker...so cute!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

    What beautiful china on your post today.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Such gorgeous china. How clever with the buffet marker.


  6. Yours is the first blog I have seen featuring Royal Winton Pastelware and in the lovely greens!
    My grandmother passed to me her Winton green pastelware; as a kid my grandmother served her Lebanese cuisine on it and as an adult I serve on it at all family gatherings....with a little Desert Rose by Franciscan intermingled.
    It's such a joy to see the other beautiful Winton creations in green



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