May 14, 2008

Things I love.....

I'm going to take a walk onto the Paris Hilton side
of the tracks for this's all about me...Em(M)
and the little things that can actually distract
me from a Snickers!
~~I LOVE~~ frames! I buy them, poke the old
pictures out, paint them...then...then...
oh the ideas I have...but...I just end up setting
them around, here & there noncommittally, just
to make absolutely sure that I don't waste one
on some unworthy project.
I do have a big frame project in mind...I'll keep you

~~I LOVE~~china! Teacups & saucers and plates &
anything else!

I particularly LOVE chintz, especially a pattern
called English Roses...with its warm yellow, pinks
and greens, it's perfect!

~~I LOVE~~pressed back chairs and all other nasty 70's
furniture that can be magically transformed into a work
a art with just a coat of white paint!!!

~~I LOVE~~ MOP Buttons! Again, they are something
that I hoard, uh, I mean collect. I have only been able
bring myself to use them a few time, when I made
these pins, but for the most part they are just about...
looking pearly.
And I love this picture the my nephew took!
The perspective is completely out of kilter...Mr.
Squirrel is actually on the sprinkler head on the
bank in Bee's backyard...something about him
being framed, as he is, by the beach house sign...
just got me!

But enough about me! :)


  1. I love frames too. The closet ubnder my stairs is FULL of them. I love the framed spoon...I'll have to steal that idea. Lovely blog...I'll be back!

  2. Oh My! I love everything that you do!! And I love your blog. xoxo

  3. ooohhhhh I love all those gorgeous frames! I am on a mad frame hunt right now for a couple of projects and it's been tough finding ones as pretty as yours! Love your china too, very very nice!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  4. Hello M
    I am in love with your collection of china teacups and plates, I do love chintz... and your frames are gorgeous!!!
    PRECIOSO !!!

  5. FABULOUS post!! I LOVE the pink and aqua frame! I never can find frames with that beautiful of a shape! you are lucky!


  6. We all love the same things pretty much.... love your rosie china....

    Feliz dia...


  7. What a fun blog you have :) love all the great pic's :) what a cutie dutch is ~ glad you gave him a home :)
    Have a happy day :) off to wander through your delightful blog :)

  8. All about me days are so fun. And, I loved seeing all of your frames.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog - love what you are doing on yours! So many cute ideas! Love the picture frames!

  10. Checking your blog out for inspiration.........I have a really ugly dinette set just waiting to be transformed.
    I used 4 cans of kilz on a "test paint project", and let me just say...I hate painting! I know if I spruced this table up it would be so cute but the paint,time and paint, and keeping me from tackling it.
    If you ever want to have a paint party....I'll buy dinner LOL.

  11. Everything you shared is wonderful! I love the same things you do. We would have trouble shopping together - we would both want the same things! ~Adrienne~

  12. Wait a minute... back up.... that frames with the chintz.... are those things attached to the frame? OHMYGOSH that is the cutest things I have EVER seen... how did you do it.... I got to have one... you have opened up a whole new obsession for me FRAMES....

  13. Hi! Glad you left a comment on my bog-otherwise I wouldn't have found yours. :-) I will add it to my favourites. It's so pretty.

  14. Thanks for visiting by my blog. I love all your frames. I like frames too...I just need someone to build me a I can hang up more "stuff". Come by for a visit again soon! ceekay

  15. I found your Blog today and it has inspired me to try Blogging myself. I enjoy your sense of humour and all your decorating ideas. Today I read everyone of your posts. I will be back again often.

  16. Pamela, whoever you are...
    That is such a compliment!
    Get blogging! And let me know
    the day of your first post!!!


    M ^..^

  17. Oh I have a feeling I'm going to be looking at frames with a whole new perspective! What a wonderful idea for a collection (Lord knows I need another) :)


  18. Those tea cups are precious.Dishes are a weakness of mine.
    Your blog is really cute I plan on coming back and reading it .I am so glad you stopped by mine.
    And just to let you know Cracker Barrel is a resturant:)
    Best Wishes

  19. I like every thing you do...imagine that! I found a chintz teapot at the thrift store tonight for $4.10. I don't think they realized what they had. It's not a pattern I would usually be interested in but for that price I couldn't pass it up!

  20. I don't think I have to express my obsession with frames! I love some of your ideas, you jolted my memory on the tea spoon one, I've had a special little project for something similar, it may get done now very soon, thanks for a wonderful post

  21. Oh your blog is so much fun to look at...your chintz is divine! Thanks for stopping by my Bella blog. I'll be back!

  22. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I absolutely love your blog, ideas and great stuff you come up with. Very talented. That fabric on the couch is incredible! I look often, thank you for your inspiration.

  23. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog...I just read your Things I Love and Sister Bee's Room posts. Great stuff. :) I'm trying to create a somewhat cottage feel for my front yard and I went mad taking pictures yesterday. Maybe I'll post some pictures of it! Anyway, love your blog, thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures.

  24. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have surely enjoyed seeing your blog today. You have such great style and fantastic decorating ideas for the home! I'll visit again!

  25. Hi M!
    Love all your favorite things! And your use of frames is fabulous!!
    Thanks for visiting me:)
    Hugs, Sherry

  26. Love your things! BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!
    Your blog is such fun to visit, I have missed a couple of your posts...the weather is great finally and I have been outside soaking it in!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Donna Lynn

  27. Hi M :)

    When you figure out what to do with all those frames, let me know, because I have the same "issue" ;) Beautiful china!

    The farmhouse house yard does remind me off the secret garden :)

    Have a wonderful night!

  28. I love the frames.. esp the aqua one!!! SOO cute!

  29. Im with you! love it all as well! we wouldnt be good shopping partners we would go for all the same things.

  30. hi :)

    favourite chintz pattern: Lilac Time by Empire (green colour way) :)

    and Pekin by Royal Winton (black colour way, please :)...and Exotic Bird, lol...actually, I'm pretty sure I never met the piece of chintz I don't love...nice to meet a fellow admirer :)

    (and the purple room isn't bad...just needs your own touch which you are busy takin' care of...pardon the grammar :)

  31. Greetings!

    I just linked to your blog and I honestly can't remember through who without checking. But, I saw OC and wondered if it is the same OC that I live in....La Habra. If it is, hello neighbor (hey, what's a few miles in So. Cal.).

    Your blog is charming. I shop a great deal in Brea, Orange, Costa Mesa, La Habra, etc. We are not without inspiring little cottage stores.

    Have a great evening,


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