May 22, 2008

Then came the rain and washed it all away...

So. I had plans for another post today, but you know
how it is...the best laid plans... and then come the
tornadoes, snow, hail the size of nickels...
things change! :)
Since I was pretty impressed with our unusual May
weather, I thought I'd share it with you. Now,
remember, this is Calif., not Florida, not North
Carolina, not Kansas.
We don't really do tornadoes...or rain for that matter!
The flash floods and the mud slides were just a bonus!
The sky grew pretty ominous in the afternoon....
This is the view from inside my can't tell
that the water is standing 3 inches deep...and I just
waded through it...
in these shoes! Hey, it wasn't raining this morning!

Phewww! There are the palm trees...I really am in
I love this tree lined...
makes me think of New England, although why?
I have no idea since I have never been farther
than Nebraska!
This is for Amanda @ Jacaranda Cottage...see it there
A? Just above the yellow sign? A hint of periwinkle?
Sorry, the pic is so bad...but I was driving and the
person behind me was a bit irked...go figure!
Rainy days call for SOUP! "Convict" soup. Mmmmm...
Apparently this recipe will never be transferred onto
a real recipe card!

Something to warm the wet toes!
And, what have we here...the May sun has come
back! I knew it couldn't last for long! Oh, well, I
loved it while it lasted!
Stay warm & dry!


  1. Oh my! I heard about the flash flood and mud slides in O.C. all the way over here in L.A. Truly amazing. The weather was cloudy here, but no moisture. My kids were swimming just yesterday in 80 degree pool water and the sun is our only heater! Stay dry neighbor!

  2. Hey, M! Glad you're safe and warm and dry once again! Those were the lead stories back here in the east - the weather that Colorado and CA had today... Very unusual for your areas... LOVE your recipe on the envelope (so glad to know I'm not the only one who does that!) Now you have to share the recipe - that soup looked good!(great pink kitchen by the way!)... And yes, that street could have been plucked right out of New England...Good eye :) And don't you just love your PBN?...Donna

  3. Where in OC are you? I'm right by South Coast Plaza which right on the border of Santa Ana and Costa Mesa.

    I've heard from several people and even saw on the news this strange weather that was around here.

    But we didn't have any of this where I am. We had a few rain drops but not even enough to wet the street completely. I heard the thunder but never saw the lighting.

    Strange how it missed us completely.


  4. Hi M
    I love your pink kettle and your pink pot and pan...
    The weather has gone crazy all around the it s almost winter and it is really hot...It looks like spring...

  5. You stay warm and dry, too. Don't get caught wading in puddles. ;-)

  6. The weather is crazy here on the Jersey Shore as well!!
    One day warm and springlike the next day almost like winter!!
    Loved your pink tea kettle!

  7. Have really loved visiting your blog - your pictures are incredible - thanks for the hard work!!!

  8. what a fun funny weather day. I'd have worn shoes like that too!

  9. Hope you were ok, we saw the Cali' tornado on TV last night - bizarre!

  10. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing the eventful day. :)

  11. Wow! Looks like quite a storm! We got a little of it here in AZ, but nothing like that!
    Beautiful country! Love the rain!!

  12. Hola!!!, muchas gracias por visitarme en esta fiesta virtual, me gustó mucho tu casa, y ver como caia la lluvia.

  13. I heard on the news about some crazy storms out in CA. Yikes! Stay dry!

  14. Yikes! Hope your toes are dry. We had some nasty weather in Georgia recently--I don't do tornadoes either, or lightning.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Wow! I've never heard of tornadoes in Calif! We have them in Ohio occasionally which is normal. Alls I can say is, hold on to that basket with TOTO in it Dorothy!
    Glad you're safe and sound!!:)
    Hugs, Sherry

  16. PS I hate to sound like a country bumpkin from the mid-west but what does O.C. stand for??
    More hugs, Sherry

  17. Wow...that was some storm. I'm glad you made it home safely. The soup looks wonderful especially in that great pink pot. And of course a glass of wine alway puts everything right.
    Thanks for stopping by today


  18. Does that mean were getting rain up north?
    Well at least you had cork on your shoes. You could float.
    I too am thankful we don't get the tornado's, earthquakes are bad enough, and wildfires.
    Hope you have a dryer weekend.


  19. WOW!! You're getting the flash floods in Southern Ca., and we're getting the massive fires is Northern Ca. Crazy May, that's for sure!!


  20. Rain in California?? That is a rare occurance! ;) I hope those cute shoes were alright!

    Stay dry and have a great Memorial Day weekend,

  21. Wow, what a day. Rained here too but NOTHING like that. Hey I really like the shoes you were wearing, totally me....glad you are safe and warm. Love the picture of soup warming on your stove. You enjoy pink in the kitchen I see. Very cute.

    Love to you,

    Debbie Kay

  22. Cute post! It's been hot over here, so when it rained, the weather was nice and cool :)

  23. Another comment from me - LOL. I really do want to win.

    You never really know what the weather is going to do. You just have to some how make the best of it.

    Robin/Southern Bella

  24. Wow! Glad you stayed safe. Hmmmm, Convict Soup looks pretty good and I can think of now better way to warm cold, wet tootsies.


  25. The weather does indeed seem to be getting eveywhere. No tornadoes or like where I live (Nfld., Canada) but we're still waiting for spring to come. It's been very cold and dreary.

  26. The soup looks heavenly and I love all the pink!

    So glad all is well your way. The weather has been so strange all over the country of late...

    Stay well and safe.



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